3 Killer Tips for Crushing SEO

3 Killer Tips for Crushing SEO
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January has already come and gone! And you know what that means… A new year that all but guarantees more changes to Google’s algorithm. That’s not a bad thing, though. This leads to updated ways to hone in on your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I’m going to cover a few SEO topics that are often overlooked (some may even surprise you). These 3 killer tips for crushing SEO are crucial for understanding not only what you’re offering, but how your viewers are experiencing your site as a whole. Let’s get into it.

Tip #1 – Meta Descriptions

The meta description describes the contents of your page to viewers as well as search engines. This may not be news to some of you. However, here’s something you may not know: more than 30% of webpages don’t even have a meta description. You read that right. If you want to edge out the competition, it starts here. If I don’t know what your page is about I’m definitely not clicking on it. Meta descriptions are a must in 2021. A solid meta description doesn’t even take long to do most of the time! You’re not creating a webpage from scratch – you’re simply describing it. Let’s move on.

Tip #2 – Put NUMBERS in Titles

Do you see what I did there? (You just reread the title, didn’t you?) Here’s why you should include numbers in your titles: it works. If you put in a date, a time, or heck, even coordinates if it makes sense – you’ll see some pretty consistent results. Numbers stand out. Now, don’t go putting numbers in every single title you have, but include them where it makes sense. Instead of “Top Pool Cleaners to Use This Summer,” try “Top 6 Pool Cleaners to use This Summer.” More compelling, right? The results will speak for themselves. Next!

Tip #3 – Include FAQ Schema

Did you know FAQs show up in search results? That hasn’t always been the case (which is why this is such a big deal). Here’s a question: what are you most likely to search for? More specifically, what do you type into Google when you’re looking for something? It’s usually a question, right? “What’s the best above ground pool,” or “Are pool covers worth it?” – you get the idea. These are the highest visited pages for multiple clients I’ve seen. They regularly outperform even the most robust and keyword-dense blogs from the same website. Again, it doesn’t always make sense to include FAQ schema, but when it does, and when it’s done right, it is very powerful.

Quick takeaways: 

  1. Even if you write a simple meta description, you’re separating yourself from the pack.
  2. Numbers in titles are more compelling to click on.
  3. A question-and-answer format is one of the most powerful strategies you can implement to boost your SEO.


Now go out there and crush your SEO with The Get Smart Group! Contact us today.

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