4 Ways Hot Tub Dealers Can Thrive While Dealing With Inventory Issues

A woman in a hot tub not dealing with inventory issues

Covid-19 has thrown a lot of wrenches into everyone’s lives the past year. With everyone being stuck at home, the pool and spa business has been booming. But, that hasn’t come without its challenges, either. Throughout the pandemic, hot tub businesses have been hit hard with inventory issues. Whether you can’t keep up with the increasing demand for hot tubs themselves, are affected by the chlorine shortage, or something else, you can try these 4 ways hot tub dealers can thrive while dealing with inventory issues. 

Stay connected with your customers

In today’s day and age, it’s easier than ever to stay connected with people. You can use this to your advantage when you’re dealing with inventory issues. Keep your customers engaged on social media. Send both customers and leads email updates on your inventory. Let them know that you’re still here and ready to help once your inventory is back to normal. Don’t let them forget about you in the meantime. 

Keep Your Blog and Website Up to Date

While you’re dealing with inventory issues, you should still keep your blog and website up to date. Let your customers and leads know what you have in stock. Work in blogs about your inventory in between your regular content; don’t focus solely on your inventory. Continuing with your regular content will still bring people to your site and help your SEO, and you’ll have more leads for when you have better inventory.

Promote other products 

Even if you primarily sell hot tubs, your business likely sells other products as well. Maybe you sell saunas or automatic covers. Or maybe you have plenty of hot tubs but are short on chlorine. Switch your focus to promoting saltwater hot tub systems and their benefits as an alternative to chlorine.

Whatever it may be, promote what you have in stock like crazy. Focus on what you do have, not what you don’t have. This will keep your customers engaged and still purchasing products while you’re waiting for your next shipment.

Share your services

Do you offer hot tub maintenance services? Are they routine services, opening and closing services, or both? Now that it’s safer to make house visits again, be sure to share information about the services you offer. Even if you just offer free water testing, promoting that is a great way to get people into your business and suggest some of the hot tub maintenance products and chemicals you offer. Again, the focus is bringing in whatever business you can so your business can thrive while dealing with inventory issues. 


If you need help with these 4 ways hot tub dealers can thrive while dealing with inventory issues, reach out to The Get Smart Group. We can help you stay connected with your customers, keep your blog and website up to date, promote other products, and share your services with our hot tub marketing expertise. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to discuss what we can do for you.

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