5 Industry Secrets to Creating Lifelong Pool Customers for Your Business

5 Industry Secrets to Creating Lifelong Pool Customers for Your Business
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Does pool building seem like a one-and-done project for each client that comes through your store? So often, pool businesses need more than just one-off jobs that wrap up quickly, only to never hear from your client again. If only there was a way to keep people coming back year after year. What if we told you that there was? With The Get Smart Group, you can have everything you need for creating lifelong pool customers for your business. Complete with some unmatched attention and the leading marketing know-how, The Get Smart Group can help you transform your pool business into the favorite company for customers to return to time and time again.

Are you ready to get started with a few industry secrets? Here’s how.

1. Offer Something Different to Bring in Lifelong Pool Customers

Whether it is a unique type of pool amenity that can’t be found anywhere else or a special promotion, offering something different will keep customers coming back. You don’t have to offer anything extravagant; just something that makes your pool business stand out from the rest. But how do you get the word out about what you are offering?

With The Get Smart Group on your team, you have multiple options for accessing clients long-term. From CRM email campaigns to social media, Google ads, and YouTube video advertising, there is an array of ways to make the most out of what you offer. Promo sales and deals, email discounts, and display your unique offerings right to the inbox and social media feeds of your customers. It’s a fantastic chance to remind them that your services and products are there for them throughout the year.

2. Capitalize on Water Care & Outdoor Living Products

If customers have taken care to build a gorgeous new pool, chances are they want professional-grade products to maintain their water quality and increase their pool enjoyment over their amazing years of ownership. What better way to keep them coming back for a lifetime of pool purchases than offering water care products, supplies, accessories, and outdoor living amenities that nurture their entire pool environment?

Partner with your favorite manufacturers to offer leading lines of water care products, outdoor furnishings, pool toys, and in-pool sports accessories and so much more. Many times, you can special order larger products as you need them — allowing you to free up space for smaller products on shelves and in storage.

Plus, as an added bonus, customers can trust in the brands they know and love that you offer exclusively through your pool business. Add some digital signage in store to boost your product sales. Get our FREE Retail Signage Design Guide to see how extra advertising in-store can boost your product sales.

3. Offer Pool Opening, Closing, and Maintenance Services

Often, people need help caring for their pool. Whether it’s assistance with pool opening and closing, or routine maintenance route service they desire, offering options for maintenance service builds trust from customers. When they see the exceptional products you use on their pool, the time and attention to detail that it takes to keep their pool safe for the off-season, and the excitement you share for pool opening when spring rolls around, all of these can work together to build excellent rapport with customers and keep them coming back for more.

Do you want to capture leads of customers who are interested in your pool services? A stunning eBook and CRM email campaign could be the perfect combination to start.

4. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

There is nothing like above-and-beyond customer service to keep pool customers coming back time and time again. Truly, people love the personal connection with someone who is a master at their craft. Whether you offer free water testing, professional advice, or incredible maintenance and service for customers and their pools, make sure customers feel special every time they interact with your business.

Whether you need a new website with a chat option or blogs for your website that offers ongoing customer care tips and information, The Get Smart Group can help add valuable ways for you to provide quality customer service that you may not have considered.

5. Build a Community

People love to feel like they belong and that includes customers of your pool business. Make sure you’re providing a place for people to virtually and personally gather and engage with each other such as Facebook and in store. Consider hosting special events like a pool school for maintenance in the summer or offering discounts for VIP loyalty to draw people in store. Use memes or advertising on social media for customer engagement. Any way you choose to set it up, people who have a chance to engage with your business throughout the year are more likely to choose you over a competitor — especially when they feel seen and heard in a variety of different ways.

Partner with The Get Smart Group for Creating Lifelong Pool Customers for Your Business

You don’t ever have to settle for one-time pool customers! By offering something different, capitalizing on pool products, and providing extra maintenance services that customers need throughout the year, you can create lifelong customers who are excited to come back time and time again.

These are just a glimpse into five incredible industry secrets that you can use to increase customer loyalty and build your pool business. Use these tips to give your company the best chance for success throughout the year. With customers trusting in your services and products, you’ll be able to keep them coming back for many years to come. But don’t forget that there’s one more thing that can take your reach over the top.

The creatives at The Get Smart Group are industry leaders when it comes to creating lifelong pool customers for your business. Schedule your free consultation today to see how we can help you create and maintain the best ways to increase customer loyalty in the years to come. We can help you design and execute an incredible customer experience that will have them coming back year after year. We can’t wait to share more industry secrets with you as we work together to benefit your customers and your amazing pool business.

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