5 Ways to Create a Functional Hot Tub Showroom Layout

5 Ways to Create a Functional Hot Tub Showroom Layout
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Is your store in need of a bit of a redesign? Creating a functional hot tub showroom layout can help you direct foot traffic, increase sales, expand offerings, and create a positive and inviting atmosphere for customers. The key to getting it right is striking a balance between showcasing your product, providing ample space for customers to browse and explore, and keeping the space organized and clutter-free. Here are five ways you can use to create a functional hot tub showroom layout and maximize your store’s potential.

1. Make Effective Use of Your Hot Tub Showroom Space

When it comes to creating a hot tub showroom, the layout and design are not only important for aesthetics but also necessary for ensuring that customers can find what they need quickly and easily. As such, it is essential to create a functional showroom layout that maximizes the space available.

You’ll need to determine how many units can be floored, and first determine what models will be displayed. A top-down selling approach is helpful when space is limited, and also helps land a higher average quote.

You’re likely to sell more than hot tubs, so keep in mind that every hot tub on the floor means less space to show your other product lines.What hot tub accessories can you showcase installed on the hot tub? Do you offer good, better, and best packages with start-up chemicals and accessories? If so, display them in a way that makes the best use of your space. Also, show a range of cover lifters and steps if possible.

Consider vignette staging that includes the hot tub, especially if you sell outdoor furniture or cater to the full backyard experience. Adding visual appeal will help promote an emotional response from your shoppers and will help them envision how they may want to set up their own spaces.

And if you don’t want to carry every model of the brand you carry, consider an augmented reality solution, instead. With AR app technology, your clients can envision each spa virtually right in their own backyard. How amazing is that!?

2. Invest in Digital Signage and Branded Design

Next, bring the best in digital marketing in-store with impeccable digital signage. Printed hot tub brand banners can go out of style quickly, wasting precious time and money on redesign and replacement. But with digital signage, you’ll always have the latest and greatest marketing for your showroom display areas, without taking up too much real estate on the showroom floor. So save space and show more with digital signage!

Show off your subscription chemical packages, or your full selection of lifters and steps, or everything you can’t display on the hot tub showroom floor due to lack of space. But, do it in a way that ties everything together and tells a story of ease, relaxation, and overall a better life in your customers backyards.

Fit this into the sales process to capitalize on flow, and to continue to get buy-in from shoppers that makes them think, “Yes, that makes sense,” and “Oh I had not thought of that!” And, “Yeah, I can see how easy that would make things…”

You can also use digital signage to show off the hot tub and swim spa units you can’t floor because of a lack of space.

Is digital signage hard to use, you ask? Not in the least!

The Get Smart Group has partnered with the leading digital signage company in the world to give you easy access to a library of display packs for your business. And if we don’t have the brand you are looking for, we can create exactly what you need. Your digital brand packs pair with HDMI connectivity to play on your store displays almost effortlessly. There’s no more measuring for banners, no holes in the wall, no outdated marketing in the trash, and no more hassle.

Utilizing a digital signage system in your hot tub showroom will help create a modern atmosphere and offer customers the product information they need without taking up floor space. Additionally, it can be used to display product offers, promote special discounts, and even give a visual representation of hot tub models that may not be on the showroom floor.

With The Get Smart Group, you’ve found your solution to one of your greatest showroom layout problems. Ensuring that your branding is consistent throughout the store will help keep the customer focused on what you have to offer and make sure they have an enjoyable experience.

3. Use Natural Flow to Guide Customers Through the Showroom

When planning the layout of your hot tub showroom, you should be mindful of how customers will flow through the space. We’ve all been in a grocery store where they put the fresh produce right on the other side of the entry — making a bottleneck situation where customers cannot get to the places they need. Don’t let this be true for your hot tub showroom layout. Spread out offerings in a natural way that allows different customers to go to different areas.

For instance, maybe one side of your hot tub showroom offers a counter for free water testing with close access to shelving for water maintenance chemicals, accessories, and even toys and games. This is a place where people love to linger, so set aside space for just that.

Have a nice hot tub vignette set up right by the water testing area. As people comment on how nice the vignette looks, take them on a journey around the store to you other hot tubs and get them thinking of what it would be like to be in hot water. People often make a bee line to the chemicals or to water test when they walk into the store, so you need to give them some encouragement to engage in the space.

On the other side of the showroom, feature different hot tub models for customers to explore as a way to get an understanding of what size and model might be best for them. Whether you have an open area for hot tub viewing or a private setup for secluded test soaks, make sure your hot tub displays have enough space for people to get a good view of all of the specs and features.

4. Convenient Grab-and-Go Items

Finally, if you have the room, include a grab-and-go section near the entrance of your hot tub showroom. This is where customers can quickly grab any last-minute items they need before leaving, such as filters and chemicals. Have an area set up for customers to quickly pick up their maintenance items and be on their way, especially if you offer free water testing. This is a good area for cross merchandising.

5. Consider Seating Solutions For Your Hot Tub Showroom

To truly create a functional hot tub showroom layout, it is important that you consider seating options in case your customers want to sit down and chat with a consultant about hot tub options and features. Having comfortable seating available will make customers feel welcome and stay longer, giving them the time they need to ask questions and make an informed decision. Offer some additional hospitality at this point to further make them comfortable. Having a tasty, refreshing beverage within reach helps, too. The longer they feel comfortable chatting, the more likely a sale is in your future!

To make the most of your how tub showroom space, consider using custom shelving, racks, and other merchandising accessories to keep things organized. Keep it visually appealing with easy-to-read product labels, stunning digital signage that can attract attention, and eye-catching displays. And utilize AR technology to keep your showroom clean and clutter-free.

In the end, your customers will appreciate that you took the time to create a functional hot tub showroom layout that can help them get the most out of their shopping experience. Whether they’re looking for a new hot tub or just some small accessories, having a well-planned store design will make it easier for them to find what they need in an efficient and enjoyable way. With a few simple design tips, you can transform your hot tub showroom into an inviting and productive place to shop. And it all starts with your free consultation with The Get Smart Group. Schedule your 30-minute consultation today to see how we can help you maximize your hot tub showroom’s potential.

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