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Our Story

We don’t just talk about helping our customers grow and evolve their businesses - we are still doing it ourselves, every day.

The Get Smart Group was formed in 2008 when co-founders Ali and Scott Reynolds teamed up to help entrepreneurs in the greater Los Angeles area with their websites and growth strategies. Over the past decade, we’ve gained expertise in multiple digital platforms and added an excellent array of talented people to our team whose abilities round out our overall skill set and bring depth to our offerings and the quality of our customer service.

From the BEginning:

Prior to founding the company, Scott was CEO of a successful global tech startup, produced and edited video at a national level, and owned a jury consulting company serving clients nationwide from his headquarters in Los Angeles. As an expert storyteller in the video industry, Scott learned how to craft and teach sales strategy and to help his clients tell their stories to broaden their appeals to their desired customers. He was sought after as an educator at large law firms for the California Bar Association as an accredited expert on effective storytelling and trial strategy for practicing trial attorneys. His expertise as a dynamic and passionate speaker translates today into educationally focused speaking engagements at Pool, Spa and Backyard Recreation meetings and conferences nationwide.

Ali came from a background in marketing strategy, print advertising sales, niche publishing and event management. Prior to co-founding The Get Smart Group, Ali owned a successful advertising company that served the legal industry in Southern California. She has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing with a minor in International Studies and Communications Technology and a master’s degree in Organizational Leadership. In addition to her involvement at The Get Smart Group, Ali is the CEO of the Reynolds’ household and manager of the Reynolds’ toddler workforce in training. 

After the recession of 2008-2009, we picked up the pieces of our former businesses – like so many other entrepreneurs throughout the US – and decided to combine our skills to began assisting companies throughout the country on becoming recession-proof. In the changed marketing and business climate of post 2009, a world of new technologies emerged to reach customers more cost-effectively through intelligent digital targeting and automated follow-up practices. After working in the Real Estate Investment and flipping sector in Southern California, we set our sites on working with the home improvement industry – starting with our first Home Builder and Spa Builder clients in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Since then, we’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneur-owned companies on projects ranging from simple website design to Google advertising, from online digital strategy to lead follow-up, including entire company re-branding and digital transformation projects. We are proud that we have always remained on the cutting edge of new technology for small business – no small feat – as it is constantly changing.

We are learners.

Through the process of learning their products and processes, we also became experts at selling the products ourselves, in order to better understand the consumer buying behaviors and needs. This opened the door for more opportunities and helped us forge relationships with other clients through industry referrals.

We continue to sell consumer products at events and over the phone for a few of our clients nationwide on a quarterly basis, in order to stay in touch with consumer buying trends.

Our Bread & Butter

Our passion is working with B2C businesses who are looking to dominate their markets through intelligent and cost-effective implementation of digital technologies. We help our customers craft a curated customer experience with their brand and website presence and provide them with custom email follow-up to their leads and customers, through a CRM system tailored to their business needs and product lines. Our work is not cookie cutter. Our expertise is in working with our customers to provide them with creative, customized solutions for their marketing and sales needs, taking into account the big picture and assisting them with long term growth and succession planning.

For the past 10 years, we have specialized in supporting businesses working primarily in the backyard recreation industry. However, we will also take on other clients working in industries where we feel we can make a positive impact with our sales and marketing skills, on a case by case basis.
Our marketing solutions are customized for each client.
What custom solutions can we create for you this season?

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