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The Experts to Making Your Technology Work for You

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Trust the Tech

We think of our Tech Team as the Superheroes of all things digital marketing.

One of the things that surprises many of our new clients is the amount of technology necessary for digital marketing these days. Occasionally, we try to tally the number of systems we use, but really, it changes constantly. New needs arise. New platforms come out. New tools make appearances. Fortunately, our clients (and most of our team) don’t have to worry about it, because we have one of the best technology teams in the industry.


Let us introduce you to a few of our Tech Geniuses

We realized a long time ago that the technologies were outgrowing even our relatively savvy skill set. So, we hired a team of tech pros, and now we just smile and nod as they geek speak about how all the magic happens.

David Quilici

Digital Alchemist

David Quilici has mastered a breathtaking number of technical systems, making him the natural choice for manager of our Tech Department. From the finer points of Google ads to the deep trenches of CRM systems, and a number of impressive things in between, David is everything you know and love about tech geeks. He makes things work. We just don’t understand when he tells us how.

Matthew Scheppmann

Senior Web Developer

Matthew Scheppmann is our senior web developer, and he builds the most gorgeous websites on either side of the great Mississippi. And he frequently builds sites for companies on both sides. Matthew has a passion for automation, and he’s shaved weeks off of our delivery time for websites, e-commerce sites, and mobile apps. If you’re surprised that a developer could master all of these skills, you should hear about his hobbies. From guitar player to pool shark to grill master, he amazes us all on the daily. And he’s got dang good taste in music to boot.

Ben Diedrich

CRM Technichian

Ben Diedrich is a master at building out CRM systems that work for olients. He combines his tremendous technical skills with a keen understanding of our clients, to develop lead nurturing systems and customer relationship management systems that deliver real value to our clients’ bottom lines. He works closely with our content managers to make sure that each campaign is designed smartly from top to bottom. Ben also provides the training our clients need to make the most out of their CRM systems. Additionally, Ben has a knack for winning our company BINGO games at a suspicious rate, but that’s probably unrelated to his tech prowess.

Behind these tech superheroes, there is an entire team of technical support staff, the Wonder Girls to our Wonder Women and Robins to our Batmans.

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