Advertising on YouTube


Have you ever thought about advertising on YouTube? No? Well, why not? After Google, it’s the internet’s second biggest search platform, and the demand for video content just keeps growing. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2021 about 80 percent of all traffic on the internet will be related to video.

Yes, seriously. So what are you waiting for? When it comes to online marketing, YouTube is something you just have to consider.

Don’t be intimidated! Yes, YouTube is a video channel. But you don’t necessarily have to produce slick videos to advertise there. You CAN, sure. But it’s just not something that’s required. In fact, YouTube offers six different types of ads:

  • Video ads you can’t skip
  • Video ads you CAN skip
  • Video bumper ads
  • Non-video display ads
  • Non-video sponsored cards
  • Non-video overlay ads

Video ads do get the most engagement, but if you don’t have the budget or desire to create videos, it can still generate traffic to your website.

Take the display ad format, for example. These ads show above the suggested videos and are managed within the Google AdWords format. That’s right – Google owns YouTube. With YouTube, you can leverage the power of Google’s display network and greatly increase your reach.

Plus, recent changes to the AdWords platform mean you can find potential customers who recently looked for your company or related products or services on Google. These “custom intent audiences” leverage YouTube’s video power to close the sale.

Google, with YouTube, is among the leaders in online marketing platforms. At The Get Smart Group, we work with our clients to put together a customized online marketing plan that makes sense for their industry, their business, and their region – so they can effectively and efficiently reach their customers. That means analyzing all the options at our disposal and putting them to work – for you.