Forging Great Customer Relationships on Facebook

Ever wonder if your Facebook presence is having much of an impact? If it’s not, it should! Facebook serves to connect you with your customers and build their trust as well as helping you find new customers. Your Facebook presence can have a big impact on your ROI.

We’ve talked about what a benefit email and newsletters can be in nurturing leads and engaging customers, but do you know what your Facebook account has going for it that email doesn’t? A captive audience. Unlike emails, where there’s a chance they won’t be opened, your Facebook updates are being read effortlessly and naturally just as customers are scrolling through their feed. Now you can capitalize on that and convert a captive reader into a loyal customer.

First, recognize that Facebook can be an easy and effective tool for garnering leads, nurturing leads, and keeping your customers engaged with your brand.

Facebook has almost 2 billion active users monthly. Your customers are there and using it daily. That gives you a great opportunity. Be there, too! Be responsive. Be interactive. By doing so, you’ll reduce the friction points that can send a customer on to a competitor.

Friction points are the barriers that stand between a potential customer and your business. An example would be when you unexpectedly run out of stock on an item. That causes friction between your customer and you. Instead of purchasing immediately, now a potential customer may change their mind or find the product somewhere else. As a marketer, your goal is always to reduce or eliminate friction points so that customers have a seamless, pleasant experience with your business.

Utilizing Facebook helps you mitigate another common type of friction: discovery friction. Here’s an example. Jill wants to order Indian food so she looks up a new restaurant on Facebook. There’s no menu and very few reviews. What will Jill do? Most likely, she’ll scroll down to another local Indian restaurant, find the menu, read good reviews, and order her dinner – with no more thought to the first restaurant. In fact, she may never interact with the first one again. It’s a sad story, right? It’s so easy to avoid, just by being active on Facebook and making it easy for customers to discover you and get the information they’re looking for before moving on to your competitor.

Engage with customers.

Who could have known just 15 years ago how simple and quick it would become to engage with customers? While it’s rare that a person would come into your store to give you feedback, you can now easily rack up the reviews online! These ratings have become a huge part of how we pick the companies from which we buy our products and services. To forge great customer relationships, make sure you’re always responding to Facebook messages and reviews. For best practice, stick with these guidelines:

  • Respond quickly – we’ve all seen the “typically responds within…” message in the “About” section of other business Facebook pages. Some customers expect a response within minutes and others are okay with a day or more, but in general, respond as quickly as possible.
  • Build rapport with customers by personalizing responses and letting the spirit of your company show through your honest, transparent comments.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of defending yourself against negative reviews. Sure, you’re bound to have the occasional customer who just can’t be pleased. But arguing or defending is likely to end up reflecting badly on your business. Instead, be polite and apologetic. Something like, “I’m sorry you’re unhappy about this situation. Can you please call us so we can try to resolve this?” will show other potential customers that you’re an ethical company making a good faith effort to help an upset customer.

Utilize great content.

Let’s be real, nothing is going to make a user “unlike” and “unfollow” your business page faster than constantly getting bombarded with the same pitch to buy your product or service. Yes, effective Facebook pages post about their products, sales, and specials, but they shake it up by including other types of posts that create opportunities for engagement apart from a hard sales pitch. Here are some ideas:

  • Give a teaser and then link to your more in-depth articles or videos. Make the content interesting to readers and relevant to what they want to know. Free information is the hallmark of social media branding. Give them your knowledge, insight, and learned experience for free, and they’ll come to you when it’s time to whip out the pocketbook.
  • End your post with questions or another call to action. Need some suggestions? Try “Which color would you choose for your home?” “Take this quiz and tell us which leadership style applies to you!” or “We can’t wait for summer grilling! What’s your favorite summer activity?”

Here’s the takeaway. Engaged Facebook followers are more likely to turn into new customers or be returning ones. Get the most out of your social media presence by being active and letting the personality of your brand show. Need help building your Facebook platform? Get Smart and let us do the hard work for you! Schedule a free 30-minute marketing consultation to learn more.

Why Consistency is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing



When you’re composing your digital marketing attack plan, don’t forget one of the most important (if not the most important) aspect: consistency! Both in building your brand and in marketing it to customers, consistency is key.


When your best friend answers your phone call, you don’t say, “Hi, it’s Steve. Can I speak to Bob?” because you recognize his voice instantly. You know each other, and there is familiarity. You have a relationship that lets you jump right into the meat of the conversation. When Bob picks up the phone, you say something like, “Hey, what are you doing?” or “Hi man, do you want to catch the 8 o’clock movie?” In the same way, digital marketing consistency builds familiarity, and a relationship, with your target consumers.

When your Facebook posts, emails, and blog posts all have the same personality, voice, and aesthetic, you build brand recognition with your audience. When it comes to ROI, brand recognition is golden. As you become more familiar to your target consumer, you become the name they recognize and trust and, before you know it, that target consumer is a loyal customer.

Consistency = Connection

Consistency, both in the type of content and marketing you do as well as frequency, forges a connection with consumers. One of the goals of honing the voice and personality of your brand is to bring about an emotional connection with customers.

“Emotional Connection” might bring to mind Super Bowl commercials that make us tear up and reach for a tissue, but all sorts of emotional connections are effective. Does your content include sarcasm, snark, or dad jokes? That works! Humor is a great way to bond with consumers and build connection. Need more examples?

  • You can earn trust by turning out high-quality, educational content that shows you’re the expert in your field. Consumers trusting you enough to turn to you for information… that’s an emotional connection!
  • Promise to beat any competitor’s price and following through on it. When your target customer is looking for a deal and you’re who comes to mind, you’ve made an emotional connection with him.
  • Delivering superior service, treating customers like family, offering a stellar return policy, giving free shipping… all these and more are ways to connect with consumers. If you haven’t already, find the elements about your company that you want customers to know.  Showcase things about your business that will spark an emotional connection, and consistently include them in all types of your digital marketing.

Once your voice is the same across the board, meaning your style is consistent between blog posts, emails, and social media, don’t forget the second part of the connection equation: frequency! You can’t show up on Facebook once a month with a killer post. You need to be there frequently, at least once a week, staying in your customers’ feeds, gently slipping your marketing in front of their eyes so you keep reinforcing that connection.


Basically, it all boils down to this: keep a clear view of the message you want to deliver to consumers and the style that fits your business. Use that same style across all digital marketing, and consistently produce content, and interact with those who take the time to comment on your social media posts.


We completely understand that sometimes this may be easier said than done. You might be thinking something like, “I just want to build swimming pools! I’m not really great at social media posts and writing emails.” That’s where The Get Smart Group comes in and does it for you! From Facebook and Instagram posts to articles and marketing emails, we work hard to convey your unique brand and your voice in every post. To get started, request a FREE 30-minute marketing consultation.