Anatomy of a Brilliant Blog

Good website content (like blog posts) drives sales, encourages consumer trust, and increases traffic to your website, which is why you’ve accepted the undeniable truth that your website – yes yours – needs a blog. “But I just want to sell pools!” you say. “I don’t even like writing,” you say. We hear you! But […]

How Important are Online Reviews?

  Read the stats and you tell us if your business could benefit! Positive comments from customers mean the average business sees an 18% increase in sales. Customers who read those positive reviews generally spend 31% more than customers who don’t. If you have negative reviews or bad comments about your business, 22% of customers […]

Forging Great Customer Relationships on Facebook

Ever wonder if your Facebook presence is having much of an impact? If it’s not, it should! Facebook serves to connect you with your customers and build their trust as well as helping you find new customers. Your Facebook presence can have a big impact on your ROI. We’ve talked about what a benefit email […]

Why Consistency is the Key to Successful Digital Marketing


  When you’re composing your digital marketing attack plan, don’t forget one of the most important (if not the most important) aspect: consistency! Both in building your brand and in marketing it to customers, consistency is key. Familiarity When your best friend answers your phone call, you don’t say, “Hi, it’s Steve. Can I speak […]

The Power of Good Branding


When you think of branding your business, you may think of only the visual aspect of it: the logo, tagline, website design, etc. In actuality, branding your business goes way beyond mere imaging. It’s everything about your company, product, and service that makes an impression on consumers. Yes, your logo and website are an important […]

What Social Networks Pay Off For Your Business?

  Being a savvy business owner, you know that being on social media is crucial but have you wondered which networks you need to be on? Do you really need to have a presence on all social networks? To be an active participant on every available network, you could easily hire a large, full-time social […]

The Anatomy of a Smart Digital Marketing Campaign

Nearly half of all businesses don’t have any kind of digital marketing strategy. Don’t move past that too fast. These businesses are all engaged in some type of digital marketing but they don’t have a strategy. If that’s where you are, we’re here to help. The best digital marketing campaigns are part of a larger […]

Did you know, Facebook Ads are less expensive than Google Ads?

  You’re probably already using Google AdWords to target customers who are searching for your type of product or service, but are you taking advantage of Facebook ads, as well? While they won’t replace your need for Google ads, they are a powerful marketing tool in their own rite. The cost per click is generally […]

Essential Foundations of Digital Marketing

Any business owner knows, it’s a digital world out there. Gone are the days of posting flyers around town or simply placing an ad in your local paper to drum up a little business. To succeed, you need a comprehensive digital marketing strategy to help you stay top-of-mind with your customers. But, digital marketing is […]

Inbound and Outbound Marketing: The Magnet vs. the Megaphone


  Outbound advertising used to be the only way to fly. Marketers sprayed their messages far and wide — capturing few leads for their many efforts. Outbound ads continue to have a place in the advertising universe, though it’s been greatly assisted by more modern means for tracking where those messages should go and honing […]