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Email broadcasts for your business are a pool and spa marketing CRM tool you should be utilizing. Not only are they great for following up with leads, but email broadcasts also help you to stay in contact with your customers and leads. However, there’s the right way to write an email broadcast…and the wrong way, too. Today I’m going to share some tips on how to write the best email broadcast to your pool and hot tub leads and customers.

Keep it simple and to the point.

Email subscribers don’t want a long-winded email that’s too wordy and takes too long to read. However, they also want an email with plenty of details about the pool and spa products they’re interested in – especially if they can save money, too. So, meet in the middle. Provide plenty of details about pool and spa products, sales, and services, but don’t go on.

Here is the general format I typically follow:

  • Catchy subject line and title.
  • Begin with a friendly greeting.
  • Brief opening paragraph with a hook sentence.
  • A middle section explaining details of products or sales.
    • Sometimes I break these details up into bullet points to make it easier to read!
  • A concluding paragraph with a strong “call to action” and links to contact information.

Be authentic and warm.

Just because these emails are simple and to the point, doesn’t mean you have to be cold. Adding a dash of authenticity and warmth will make your emails a delight to read, even if all you’re doing is marketing an upcoming sale. However, this is especially important for your follow-up emails after a lead becomes a customer.

Here is the email tone we strive for here at The Get Smart Group when we write follow-up email broadcasts:



Welcome to our Hot Tub family! We’re so happy we were able to help you find the right hot tub for you. We’ve been in the pool and hot tub business for many years, and we look forward to providing you with the excellent service all of our life-long customers receive.

Our award-winning spa services include:

  • Hot tub maintenance and updates
  • Drains and refills
  • Yearly hot tub check-up.

If you have any questions about maintenance service for your new hot tub, please reach out to us! 


Of course, this email would be specifically geared toward your backyard and at-home recreation business, but this was just a brief example of the tone of voice ideal for email broadcasts.

Nailing the right tone makes it sound like your email broadcast came directly from a person, not a robot. In this digital age, it’s nice to still have a human connection, which should reflect in your marketing for business. After all, robots don’t run your business, humans do. 

Utilize images and buttons for visualization.

Details are helpful, but images are typically a huge selling point. I wrote a blog post about how social media is the new window shopping, and the same idea applies to email broadcasts. Leads and customers like visuals. It helps them to visualize themselves in their backyards with a new pool, hot tub, or grill.

It’s one thing to market your beautiful custom pools or relaxing hot tubs, but it’s super helpful when your audience can see it for themselves.

Plus, buttons make it easy to click on a link. Why? Because people like to press buttons. It’s proven by science. Somewhere. At Creative Resources from Artists Shops, Carlyn Hill gives an excellent overview of why buttons work, including in email broadcasts. 

And please don’t use all caps. At all.

Not only does it trigger emails to go right to the Spam folder, but using all caps also affects your email tone. Yes, it is attention-grabbing, but it can also be off-putting to leads and customers. Most people often feel that all caps makes it sound like someone is yelling at them. Remember, we’re going for warm and authentic, not abrasive. 

Instead of using all caps, try using bold letters and colors – but not to excess. Just enough to capture the attention of the more important details of your email, like titles, subheads, and links.


Now that you know how to write the best email broadcast, check out these tips from Account Executive Sara Reed to up your email open rate. And if you need help using Infusionsoft or developing an email marketing plan, be sure to contact us for a free marketing consultation! At The Get Smart Group, we’re passionate about digital marketing for brick and mortar pool, spa, and other backyard and at-home recreation businesses.


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