Colors In Branding and Marketing

Have you ever considered how your ad color/branding color choices affect lead capture for better or for worse?

At The Get Smart Group, we consider color choices very carefully. Certain colors can stimulate certain emotions. One can use specific colors to target particular demographics, increasing engagement and sales amongst those in that targeted buyer segment.

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This topic is a reminder of one of the most famous (or infamous) examples of the consequence of color in marketing:

Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew and legendary (or notorious) public relations pioneer (or propagandist) saved/made unknown amounts of money for Lucky Strike Cigarettes back in the 1930’s by convincing American women through various publicity stunts (anonymously funded by Lucky Strike) that smoking was hip for ladies and that a certain shade of green was fashionable and hip at a time when said shade of green had been thought of as just the opposite.

Bernays, with the help of his friends in high places, endeavored to create the positive buzz surrounding that certain shade of green because it was the brand’s color and money had already been spent on packaging in that color. To discard the packaging would have been to discard the money paid for that packaging.

Ed’s understanding of “crowd psychology” and his efforts in that Lucky campaign started a green fad and a smoking trend among women of the era, nationally and perhaps even beyond – all in the name of saving money/making money for his employer.

Our suggestion is not that one needs to generate buzz around unpopular colors or fabricate social trends out of thin air, the point is simply to take heed of the power of color and social trends in regards to any contemporary marketing strategy.

Another example:

Do you think that a certain (115 year old) American motorcycle company would enjoy the success that it does today if instead of capitalizing on an assumed outlaw image, said company changed its colors, logo, and promotional materials in such a way that contravened the desperado image and departed from the brand’s celebrated history? You get the point…

So consider your own brand, your own history, your own customers – and your desired customers and their values. As younger generations grow into adults, professionals, and homeowners, you need to find ways to reach them whilst staying true to your company’s history, values, and niche.

It can be a delicate balance, but with solid branding and the right marketing (ever important color selection falls under both of these umbrellas) your business could someday celebrate a centennial.

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