Crafting E-Blast Subject Lines That Will Actually Get Opened

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As of 2021, the average office worker receives 121 emails per day. So, when people are overloaded with emails daily, how do you make sure yours get opened? Start by crafting e-blast subject lines that stand out.

Stop with the Spam

We’re just going to get right to the point: when you want your email to be opened, it’s really easy to craft a subject line that sounds spammy. For example, you may use:

  • all capital letters
  • lots of exclamation points
  • a question mark and an exclamation point
  • a super click-baity subject line
  • a way-too-good-to-be-true subject line
  • or a combination of any of these

Many of these characteristics, especially the capital letters and exclamation points, are going to get your e-blast caught by the spam filter. And if it doesn’t get caught by the filter, it still won’t be opened. 

These kinds of tactics are used by spammers, and if you use the same ones, your emails are going to look like spam. You’re going to achieve your goal of standing out from the other emails, but just not the way you want to.

Keep It Short and Simple

If there is only one thing you take away about crafting e-blast subject lines, let it be this: keep it short. Most people (including you) read their emails on their phones, especially non-work-related emails. The last thing you want is to spend all this time crafting the perfect subject line, just for it to get cut off.

Instead, keep it as short and as simple as you can. Craft whatever subject line comes to your mind first, then cut it down. Take out the fillers and leave only the information they need to know. For example, you don’t need your business name in the subject line. It should already be in the “From” line. How many characters will that one small change save you? 

Make It Personal

Let’s be real: everyone loves to feel like they’re known. If you see 120 generic emails in your inbox and one personalized email, what’s going to stand out?

It is not difficult to personalize an e-blast, even if you’re sending it to hundreds of people. While sending out an e-blast with personalized content would be even better, even just auto-populating the name in the subject line makes a huge difference. 

Use Numbers in Your Subject Line

Everyone loves numbers, even if they don’t know it. When you see a number in a subject line or a blog title, you know what you’re getting into. If you’re looking up cute baby names, you’re going to go for the blog that has 250+ names over the blog with no numbers, right?

That being said, you don’t have to use a number every time you’re crafting e-blast subject lines, but they help. If you’re having a sale or sending out a coupon, let your readers know how much they’ll be saving in the subject line, even if it’s preceded by “up to”. When people see exactly how much they can be saving, they’ll be more likely to open the email because they’ve already determined if it’s worth it or not. If there’s no exact number in the subject line, their assumption will just be that it’s probably not worth it.

Focus On Your Art

Crafting e-blast subject lines is an art form, and these suggestions are only to get you started. If you truly want better subject lines, reach out to The Get Smart Group. We will not only craft the subject lines for you, but the entire CRM campaign. And while we’re doing this, you can focus on your art of selling pools and spas. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to get started.

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