Do SOMETHING with Facebook ads. Please?

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Use Facebook Advertising

We’re having so much fun over here with Facebook advertising that I’ve been forgetting to write about it.  But that ends now…

By now you’ve probably been inundated with the fact that you need to be using Facebook to advertise to people.  It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have, the people who buy what you sell are on Facebook.  Young, old, CEOs, entry level workers, your neighbor, your family…  Everyone is on Facebook.  Doing a bit of back-of-the-envelope-math on Facebook’s own data tells me that they’ve got north of 200 million active daily users in the US alone.  Of that, about 93% use Facebook on their phone.  Insane.

As someone who owns a business who helps other people advertise on Facebook, it’s frustrating to hear people who “don’t think it works” or say that it “isn’t worth my time”.  I guarantee you, someone in your industry is doing it now and they’ll only get better, and they’ll be ahead of you forever.

So, let me show you an example.

We have a client in the relationship space who is advertising on Facebook.  We setup landing pages, designed the ads, connected everything to Infusionsoft and let ‘er rip.  In less than one week, we have the following results:

Facebook Lead Cost


Basically, the two far right columns are conversions into their products.   What you’re seeing is them getting a new customer for $1.30.  So, unless you’re selling packs of gum online, you can probably make a profit if it’s only costing you $1.30 to get a new customer, right?

Another objection I hear is, “I can’t afford to advertise.”  Really?  We’ve run successful campaigns for $100/mo and I know you can too.  If you really work out your offer, setup your landing page correctly and start running ads, you’ll make your money back.  Without question.

Do Something!

So, all I’m asking you to do today is to please do SOMETHING with Facebook advertising.  If that means you go to the self help center, do it.  If you need to make a landing page, try ClickFunnels.  If you want to talk through it, get our Free Marketing Consultation.

You have no excuses and your business is suffering for it.

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