Does Your Company Blog Have a Pulse?

Does Your Company Blog Have a Pulse?
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Nurse… we need the defibrillator… STAT! “Where’s the emergency?” you ask. Well, it’s your company blog and we’re sorry to have to tell you this but… it’s not looking good. 

When’s the last time you gave your business blog a thorough workup? Maybe you throw it a post here and there, but have you really given it any proper attention? What we’re really getting at is: Does your company blog have a pulse? Here’s why your blog could use—and really deserves—some personal care.

Humble Beginnings

If you’re like a lot of businesses that have been around the block a few times, you probably added a blog to your website ages ago. In fact, it likely happened a decade or more ago when someone mentioned to you that putting up a blog with some keyword-stuffed posts would help your website rank better. We don’t blame you for doing it. Who doesn’t want a better search engine ranking? And it probably even worked… for a while. But, these days, a good company blog has so much more life than that.

Connect and Inform

Having an informative business blog gives you the opportunity to offer advice to your current and potential customers. Unlike in advertising, with a blog, you can connect with them on a more personal level and show them your true passion for the business. Rather than simply promoting the products and services you offer, you have a chance to guide and educate them. This allows current customers to feel supported and future prospects to keep you at the top of their minds.

Establish Your Position

Being seen as an authority in the industry is vital to building your business. Think about it—who are you going to trust—the business offering helpful tips and tricks or the one putting out fluff pieces? Providing insightful information establishes your credibility and gives you a boost over the competition.

Inject Some Personality

Here’s your chance to really showcase what your business is all about. Are you family-focussed? Do you like to have fun? Or are you all business? It doesn’t matter the type of vibe you hope to give off; your blog is the perfect place to display it. Show your customers and potential customers exactly what you’re all about before they even step through the doors. People these days love to research online before ever heading out to shop. Give them exactly what they’re looking for and they won’t have any reason to keep searching.

Make Google Happy

Oh yeah, and back to the SEO stuff. The search engines really don’t like keyword stuffing anymore. In fact, they haven’t been fans of that technique for a really long time. What they’re truly looking for is exceptional information. Modern crawlers are highly sophisticated and they’re looking to hang out with only the very best. Give them the right details and they’ll reward you with amazing rankings. Think about the types of questions your customers are asking and answer them thoroughly on your blog. You’ll make Google so happy! Ready to get your company blog pumping again? Give it some real care and attention and you’ll see it, and your business, thrive. If you need help with your marketing, it’s best to call in the doctors… errr… experts. The Get Smart Group is a full-service marketing agency that specializes in at-home recreation. Reach out to us today and revitalize your pool and spa marketing.

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