Facebook Remarketing for Local Business

Facebook Remarketing for Local Business

Facebook remarketing

There are more than a billion daily Facebook users, and guess who you can count among that number — your leads and customers! It’s a no brainer that you need to market on Facebook. Which you’re probably already doing. But are you remarketing on Facebook, too? If not, that’s one bandwagon you want to jump on. 

What’s the Big Deal About Facebook Remarketing? 

First, a little reminder about what remarketing is. In essence, remarketing, also called retargeting, is showing pointed ads to people who have already shown an interest in your company. 

They might have interacted with your brand on Facebook or Instagram, or they could have visited your website but not followed through on filling out a form or taking a next step. Whatever the case, these are people who have raised their hand and said, “Me! I’m interested!” in one way or another.

Keep calm and start with remarketing

But then something happened. Maybe they went to compare other hot tub brands or check the reviews of a different pool builder. Maybe they just got distracted before they finished downloading your brochure, and have forgotten all about it. Now, you (or we if you work with us, hint hint) need to put together a nice little ad to remind them of their interest in you.

Why is it vital to remarket, especially on Facebook? 

Because most first-time visitors will leave your site without filling out a form. But it’s estimated that remarketing to those visitors makes them 70% more likely to convert. Plus, on Facebook, people engage with remarketing ads 3X more than they do with regular ads. 

How’s it Done? 

The process is actually pretty simple. You (or we) just install a Pixel (aka, a little line of code) from Facebook that keeps track of which pages on your site people visit. “Track” is an uncomfortable word, but don’t worry. It’s not in a creepy way. Your website doesn’t capture any information about your visitors. It’s all anonymous. 

But if they’re logged into Facebook as they browse — and most everyone does stay logged in to Facebook 24/7 — the Pixel will send a message back to Facebook that says, “Hey, this Facebook user is interested in above-ground pools (or hot tubs or saunas or what have you). So, show them this ad about above-ground pools, would ya?”

The great thing is that it’s fully customizable. So the visitor who looked at your inground pools gallery might get an ad about your custom pool designs. And the visitor who surfed away before they finished downloading your hot tub buyer’s guide might get an ad reminding them about your free download. Then, the visitor who bought spa sanitizer from your online store can get an advertisement about your big parking lot chemical sale next spring. 

Sounds complicated, but once the parameters are set up, the pixel will do all the work on autopilot until you (or your awesome at-home recreation marketing agency) log in to switch things up. 

Who Can You Remarket to on Facebook?

Facebook lets you create four types of “Custom Audiences,” as Facebook puts it: 

  • Website custom audiences – Targets the people who visited your website. 
  • Engagement Custom Audiences – Targets people who have engaged with your Facebook/Instagram content
  • Custom Audiences from a customer list – Retarget your past or current customers from a list that you upload. For instance, you could send your hot tub customers a quarterly reminder about your spa drain and refill service. Or you could offer your pool customers a coupon for chemicals at the start of swim season
  • Mobile App Custom Audience – This one doesn’t apply to most of our clients, but if you have an app, for instance, one that gives pool design inspiration, you can target your app users when they’re on Facebook

If you want to start getting more engagement, more converts, and more sales, Facebook remarketing should be a part of your gameplan. 

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Want to partner with a company that will handle all the “marketing” part of your Facebook remarketing strategy? Let’s talk! We’ll design campaigns to take your business to new heights and take some of the weight off your shoulders. 


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