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At The Get Smart Group, we’re all about helping you succeed. When you work with us, we build an executable plan and deliver the tools you need so you and your team can function at your absolute best. Sure, we’ll schedule your Facebook posts. But we’ll also help you attract leads, close sales, and follow up – all without breaking a sweat.

Why? Because it’s what we do. After all, “Do More” is one of our core values.

In that spirit, we wanted to tell about some free Google tools that can help you take your business to the next level. No, these aren’t related to SEO and analytics – these are straight-up business tools Google spent years researching and designing to help business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs be more effective. And Google uses these tools themselves. Give these tools a look, and put into practice what you can. We think you’ll find real value here.

Manager Feedback Survey: This survey lets your employees offer developmental feedback on your managers (or, on you). The only way to improve as a manager is to learn what your employees really think.

New Manager Training: These customizable tools are designed to help people new to management learn the necessary skills.

Career Conversation Worksheet: Having regular career conversations with your employees is helpful to them, and to you. Use this worksheet to help focus your conversation.

Job Interview Rubric: A rubric can help you assess candidates fairly and consistently, and easily compare answers. Rather than developing one yourself – just use Google’s!

Job description Checklist: Writing good job descriptions that are clear, structured, and consistent isn’t always easy. A checklist can help you make sure you include everything you need to.

This is just a sampling of the tools Google has made available. To view them all, plus tons of great content about working, managing, hiring, and innovating in today’s business environment, check out Google’s reWork blog.

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