Hot Tub & Pool Marketing Tip: How (and Why) to go Live on Facebook


I review monthly metrics reports with each of my clients, and a number I watch particularly closely is “Organic Page Impressions.” When it comes to marketing lingo, know that organic = free. That means Organic Page Impressions is Free Page Impressions; it’s the total number of people who saw your Facebook content for free. In the image below, the client’s Facebook content was shown more than 2,000 times, at no cost to the business. 

Facebook Live Equals Free Traffic. It’s a Pool & Hot Tub Marketing Dream Come True.

If there’s a feature that Facebook offers, I highly recommend our clients use it. Why? Because Facebook always rewards you for using its tools. When it comes to Facebook Live, your reward is free traffic!

  • Facebook Live videos receive five times more views than standard text and photo posts.
  • People are 10 times more likely to comment and engage with a Facebook Live than a standard text and photo post.


Once your Facebook Live is over, the video doesn’t disappear. Instead, viewers can watch it on your Facebook page from then on. It will also show up in News Feeds for your audience, meaning you enjoy some free brand awareness, even when you’re no longer live. 

Facebook Live Can Generate Legitimate Leads for Pool & Spa Business Owners

The ability to engage with hundreds of people at a time is any business owner’s dream! Facebook Live allows you to virtually connect with your audience in an authentic way. The audience sees your face and you can show the professional and caring people behind your brand.

Engaging with the audience really ups the ante, because that also boosts your Organic Page Impressions. “We prioritize content that sparks conversations and meaningful interactions between real people,” according to the Facebook blog. “Videos that inspire friend-to-friend or person-to-person interactions tend to get more distribution.”

Here are some ideas about how to engage with your live audience.

  • Let people know when you will be going live. You can do this with a Facebook post or even an email. Just schedule it in advance.
  • Use the names of commenters when they join the Live Broadcast. Saying “hello” personally increases comments.
  • Allow viewers to ask questions, and then answer those questions during the Live.
  • Choose a few of the best comments and Pin them to the top of the chat. Then, when someone watches the video later, they’ll see the best comments first.

Engaging with your audience means they are also engaging with you and your business. In two months, one of my clients sold a hot tub and a sauna using Facebook Messenger. Legitimate buyers are all over the Facebook platform, and using Facebook Live is a great way to engage with them.

What Should Pool & Spa Business Owners Talk About in a Facebook Live?

What questions do customers have when they walk in the door? You will talk to a Facebook Live audience the same way you talk to a customer that’s directly in front of you. Talk about any industry-related updates, special in-store savings, a local event you’re sponsoring, maintenance tips, and more. 

What you think of as boring, your audience will often find fascinating! Many people are interested in owning a hot tub or a pool, but they don’t know they can come by for a test soak. Or they may not know you have inground pools on-site for them to see. Let them see behind the scenes during a hot tub delivery. Ask the crane operator to wave hello to the camera during an install. Is a truck about to deliver a new shipment of hot tubs or even a fiberglass pool? Show your audience! They love to see it all!

What you talk about isn’t as important as how often you do it. Consistency is key! Consider doing a “Tip Tuesday,” or a “Fun Fact Friday” so you always have a consistent time to go live. It can be the same person hosting your Live videos every time, or you can switch it up. In fact, my guess is your salespeople will be fighting to go live once they see the benefit of it!

I created a list of Facebook Live topics specifically designed for hot tub and swimming pool marketing. Schedule a free marketing consultation and I’d love to chat with you about it! 

Facebook Marketing for Pools & Spas: How to go Live on Facebook

Here are instructions that detail How to go Live on Facebook. You will need a smartphone and the Facebook Pages Manager app to go live from your business page. 

Facebook Live videos aren’t high-quality productions. Have a general topic in mind before you start the live video. In the beginning, practice what you’re going to say before you start! Some beginners even take a video of themselves first as practice, then they go live after that.

It’s okay to make mistakes; when they happen, keep moving. As long as you’re being genuine, Facebook Live audiences are very forgiving. 

So what are you waiting for? Try out a Facebook Live and see how it goes! (I’d love to hear all about it!) Questions? Schedule a free consultation. I’d love to help you out! 

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