Behind the Scenes with Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Landing Pages

hot tub and swimming pool landing pages

Whether you’re marketing for pools, hot tubs, or really anything else…a solid landing page is essential for a successful campaign. I might be giving too much away with this post, but I’m going to let you in behind the scenes of The Get Smart Group as we put together hot tub and swimming pool landing pages for specific campaigns. 

Let’s give pool and spa landing pages some love today! 

What is a landing page?

Plain and simple, a landing page is a web page where your customers land after they click on your ad. Think of it like an airplane; it takes off from one destination and lands on the runway of the next destination. When your potential customers are browsing social media or their favorite websites, they are “in the air” so to speak. When they click on your swimming pool ad, they “land” on your website. The page where they “land” is the landing page. 

Landing Pages for Hot Tub & Swimming Pool Marketing Ads

At The Get Smart Group, we typically rely on three different types of landing pages:

Offer Specific Landing Page

This landing page is built for a specific offer. When a lead fills out the form on an Offer Specific Landing Page, the lead will receive a follow-up email that is very specific to the offer (and may even include a coupon to redeem). 

An example of using a landing page for hot tub and swimming pool specific offer
Here is an example of how we use landing pages for specific offers for our clients.

A Promotions or Specials Page

This landing page is an existing page on your website where several different promotions or specials are listed. When a lead fills out the form on a Promotions/Specials Page, the lead will receive a generic thank you email. 

an example of a hot tub and swimming pool landing page for promotions
Here is an example on how we use landing pages as specials or promotions.

The Product Page on Your Website

This landing page is an existing page on your website. For example, a hot tub campaign could use the website’s hot tub page as the landing page, or a fiberglass swimming pool campaign could use the website’s swimming pool page as the landing page. When a lead fills out the form on the Product Page on your website, the lead will receive an email to download a brochure. 

an example of a landing page for Finnleo saunas for product pages
Here is an example of using a product page as landing pages.

New Isn’t Always Better When it Comes to Landing Pages

How well a landing page performs is determined by how Google rates your landing page experience. Over and over again, our data shows that new landing pages aren’t necessarily better. 

Google is more likely to promote a landing page with a proven history of success. It often takes “days or weeks” for Google to measure the landing page experience. As you continue reading, keep that in mind…because it makes a difference in what kind of landing page works for the offer that you’re promoting. 

Which Pool & Spa Landing Page Works for What Kind of Offer?

Any landing page is better than nothing. But at The Get Smart Group, data proves that certain landing pages work best with certain types of offers. Here are the hot tub and swimming pool offers that we know work best with each landing page type. 

Offer Specific Landing Page 

Educational campaigns that run for at least three months. For example, an educational campaign may encourage the lead to download a brochure about a hot tub or download an eBook about custom cut saunas. These long-running campaigns perform very well on Google. 

An example of a Google ad for Finnleo Sauna guide

Remarketing campaigns that run for at least three months. For example, people who visit the hot tub page on your website might begin seeing ads encouraging them to Request a Quote. 

An example of a request a quote ad for a hot tub

Special sales with a strong call to action. If you’re planning a big event like a 10-day Tent Sale or an Expo at the Fairgrounds, these offer specific landing pages work well. I encourage my clients to increase their normal monthly budget when we have one of these sales. Why? It helps the landing page gain traction faster, and that fast traffic improves how Google measures the landing page experience. 

An example of a Google ad for a special offer on a hot tub


Promotions or Specials Page

Promotions that run for less than 30 days. 

an example of marketing material for a promotion that runs less than 30 days

Campaigns with a small budget. 

A campaign for customers to remind them to buy sand filters for their swimming pool

Part of what helps an ad campaign build traction is favorable visits to the landing page. If it’s a new landing page that doesn’t have many visitors (and won’t get many visitors because of budget limitations), there’s not enough data for Facebook or Google to determine the landing page experience. Directing these short-lived offers to the Promotions page boosts the campaign’s performance because that landing page has already received numerous visits. 

Product Page on the Your Website

General brand awareness ads. Examples of brand awareness ads include “The Best Above Ground Pools in Wisconsin” or “Waco’s Exclusive HotSpring Dealer.” The ad will direct the customer to the company’s website to learn more or to download a brochure. 

Example of special promotion of a hot tub

Quick turnaround promotions. Sometimes you want to launch an ad quickly; however, a good landing page takes time to build. Using your own website as the landing page cuts down on the production time needed to launch a campaign. 

Shopping for hot tub and swimming pool on mobile phone

BONUS: If you’re trying to build a remarketing audience. An easy way to build a remarketing audience is to direct ads to a product page on your website with a goal of clicks (instead of form fill-outs). Once people visit the website, they’ll start to receive remarketing ads like those mentioned above under Offer Specific Landing Pages. 

If you use a product page on your website as a landing page, make sure there’s an option somewhere on the page to fill out a form. If there’s not currently an option to fill out a form, I know a team that can help with that. Hint, hint. 


The right landing page, combined with the right offer, can go a long way to convert people who are browsing the Internet into leads interested in making a purchase. If you’d like help crafting an offer or if you have landing page questions, reach out to Schedule a Free 30 Minute Consultation!

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