How Important are Online Reviews?



Read the stats and you tell us if your business could benefit!

Positive comments from customers mean the average business sees an 18% increase in sales. Customers who read those positive reviews generally spend 31% more than customers who don’t.

If you have negative reviews or bad comments about your business, 22% of customers will never buy from you. It gets worse; if you have four or more bad customer reviews, it could mean up to 70% of your potential customers never walk in your building to meet your fantastic sales team or to see your incredible deals. They’ll never even give you a chance.

The Good. The Bad. And the Non-Existent.

Positive reviews = good.

Negative reviews = bad.

But it’s more complex than that.

Having no reviews raises a different kind of suspicion among savvy shoppers. We see it all the time; a sketchy business creates a new social media account to start selling “the latest and greatest” items. People buy. The business never delivers. Instead, they start a new business under a new name and they do the same thing again.

Yes, these people eventually get caught. But this is why that’s important when it comes to your business.

Established businesses have reviews. Sketchy businesses don’t.

If your business doesn’t have online reviews, customers won’t trust you. The end.

Online Reviews Help Manage Your Online Reputation

Navigating the world of online reviews can be a bit complicated. You never (ever) want to put fake reviews on your website. But sometimes you do need to ask people to give you a review. It’s a delicate line to dance. But we happen to be expert dancers. (At online reviews, anyway. You don’t want to see us cut a rug.)

We have the tools you need to manage your online customer reviews. In fact, online reputation management is part of several marketing packages that we offer to businesses just like yours. Check out our online reviews. And if you prefer “word of mouth” referrals, we have plenty of business owners you can talk to. They’ll tell you the importance of online reviews and how The Get Smart Group can help. What are you waiting for? Schedule your free consultation today.

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