How Savvy Pool Businesses Are Addressing the Chlorine Shortage

person holding a large chlorine tablet for pool

With summer just around the corner, there have been stories in the national news regarding the chlorine shortage. Between the increase in pool and spa owners, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, plus the chlorine factory fire in August 2020, chlorine manufacturers have not been able to keep up with the demand. This led to an increase in chlorine prices, as well as difficulty in purchasing chlorine. Every pool business has a different situation when it comes to this shortage, so each approach to addressing it will be different. But, to get you started, here’s how savvy pool businesses are addressing the chlorine shortage.

Do You Have Chlorine in Stock?

If you have chlorine stock, congratulations! You are in a great position for this summer. But, you’ve also probably gotten lots of calls from worried clients about chlorine anyway. To help slow down these calls and calm your clients’ worries, pool businesses are spreading the word as much as they can. Send out emails, post on social media, maybe even write up a press release for your local news outlets. Make sure your clients know that you have enough chlorine to go around.

When you’re sharing this information, be sure to let your customers know if you have any purchase limits. For example, include a phrase like, “To make sure everyone has enough chlorine this summer, we’re limiting sales to X lbs per customer.” This will help prevent people from hoarding your chlorine like toilet paper.

What if You Don’t Have Chlorine?

Pool businesses that don’t have chlorine in stock are letting their clients know about alternatives they can use instead this summer. For example, do you also have saltwater sanitation systems? Send emails out to clients suggesting they make the switch. What about Baquacil? Share on social media that you don’t have chlorine, but you have a great alternative. You can even turn this into great blog content explaining how to make the switch to saltwater or Baquacil. Whatever alternative you have, promote it!

If you don’t have chlorine or alternatives, you’re in a slightly tougher spot. But, you can still help your clients by sharing how they can keep their pool balanced and make the chlorine they have last longer. For example, encourage them to do things that are good for their pool anyway, like rinsing off before getting in the water and not letting their dogs get in. You’re in a tough spot, but there’s always a way to put a positive spin on things.


If you need help addressing the chlorine shortage, contact The Get Smart Group. Many of our clients are in the pool and spa industry, so we have plenty of experience addressing the chlorine shortage through blogs, social media posts, and more. With us by your side, your clients will never have to worry about how they’re going to keep their pool balanced. Schedule a free 30-minute consultation today to get started.

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