How Social Media Marketing is the New Window Shopping

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Have you ever been strolling along a business street when a window display caught your eye? Either the window art was colorful and eye-catching, declaring an awesome sale or the shop’s display featured some products you’re already interested in, and you just want to look at them. How many times have you popped into that store, because of that window display?

I, personally, love a good window display in a storefront. Here in Angels Camp, California and the surrounding small towns in the Sierra Nevada foothills, there are quaint Main Street shops that are so much fun to stroll by. I remember weekend shopping trips with my family, where we decided, “You know what? Let’s go to town, and make a day of it!” It’s something I still enjoy doing, when I’m able to. And I have, many times, popped into a store, thanks to its enticing window display, either featuring pretty antiques, fun books, or cute clothes. So, needless to say, I’m a firm believer in a well-done window display. They are a great tool for local marketing of your products.

Social media marketing works a bit like that. Instead of strolling by, however, leads and customers are scrolling by your business. With just the right image or video with a text post, you too can get leads and customers to come into your store based on your carefully curated “window” display on social media.

Of course, you can apply window shopping techniques to your social media anytime. However, now may be the time to do it more than ever. Due to the worldwide pandemic of coronavirus, chances are that fewer customers are strolling by your brick-and-mortar storefront at the moment. That’s what makes social media marketing so crucial during this time. With everyone sheltering at home with their families, staying connected with their other relatives and friends through the internet has become crucial. This is the opportunity to connect with your leads and customers.

Even though they can’t stroll by your window display, you can certainly engage your leads and customers online. After all, social media is a tool for connection, much like a window display. And you can certainly use it as a tool for swimming pool and hot tub marketing during this hectic time.

How to apply “Window Shopping” techniques to social media posts.

If you are a business owner familiar with how to set up a window display for your store, here is something you’re already aware of: The goal of a window display is to capture the attention of a window shopper. Social media posts work in the same way. But how? Here are some tips:

Tell a story, educate your customers and leads, and make big announcements.

Stories connect people, especially during hard times. Maybe you want to keep people informed on how you are handling the coronavirus. Take time to plan and schedule a series of social media posts that keep you connected to your customers and leads. Even if you’ve temporarily closed your brick-and-mortar storefront for public safety, that doesn’t mean you have to close your online storefront.

Promote your business’s website, and encourage your audience to read your blog to learn more about your products. Our Content Manager, Christy Dunaway, wrote a great blog post about Handling Business Social Posts During a Crisis. Some of her recommendations include taking this opportunity to teach people about your products. Things like teaching them how to clean and maintain their pools and hot tubs, while also marketing for pool service. Or make a point to show how a spa can transform their backyard into the best staycation ever if their travel plans were cancelled. 

Have an upcoming sale? Let your audience know! Make it fun, colorful, and informative. Be sure to include links to your business’s website, particularly to your promotions or specials page, so your leads can get more information about your sale. This is also a great opportunity to track leads and follow up with them. You can do a regular page post and boost it, create swimming pool ads about the sale, or both! 

Use images and videos to capture their attention.

Window displays rely on visual aids to entice shoppers to step inside your store. People are often drawn to visuals, so a great way to capture their attention on social media is through pictures and videos. If you design and build custom pools, share stunning videos of the before and after projects. Utilize amazing stock photos of your products. Everyone loves seeing “Sally use her hot tub.” These images and videos, as mentioned above, tell a captivating story. Not only can you educate your customers and leads on the great benefits your products provide, you’re also giving them an opportunity to break away from the stress of the coronavirus…and everyday life. 

Once you “get them through the door,” engage them!

While your customers and leads won’t necessarily walk into your physical store, your social media posts can certainly guide them through the virtual door to your online store: your website and social media page. If they’ve come this far, give yourself a pat on the back. Your “window display” worked! 

After they’ve clicked onto your website or social media page, sometimes just a simple greeting is all you need. “Welcome! Take a look around and feel free to ask any questions!” You don’t want to be too pushy, but you certainly want to let them know that you are available to assist if needed. If this was your physical store, they might even approach you and ask about the products they saw in the window display.

A similar interaction can occur, even on social media. With a well-done social media post, your customers and leads can ask questions or request more information, right there in the comments! Be sure to take time to connect with them and answer any questions they may have. After all, it’s as if they’ve walked right into your store and spoken to you. A good way to lose an interested lead is to ignore them; you wouldn’t do that if you were face-to-face! The follow-up is an important step when carefully planning an awesome window display; and so it is on social media.

Really, it’s the same thing…one is just online.

Whether someone is strolling by your storefront or scrolling by your social media business page, the goal of the window display is the same: get passerbys in the door. Even if they don’t buy anything, they will leave more informed about your products. They may even come back. And who knows; once the coronavirus has passed, your engaging online social media posts may be the thing that encourages your customers and leads to come into your physical storefront. So craft your “window display” social media posts for swimming pool and hot tub marketing today! Have fun with it! And stay safe and healthy, everyone.

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