How to Design A Pool Industry Website with Your Potential Customer In Mind

How to Design A Pool Industry Website with Your Potential Customer In Mind
A man professionally designing a pool industry website.

A website is a 24/7/365 salesperson with the cumulative knowledge of your entire company’s sales team. That’s the only way to look at your business’s website. From that point, we begin to understand why it’s so important to not just list information on your website for the sake of having it listed but to present everything as the very first step in the sales process of a potential customer. So how do we create a pool industry website optimized for your future customers?

Fast load times, easy menu access, and persistent calls to actions is the best recipe for the highest conversion rates for your business’s website.

According to Google, increasing a page’s load time from 1 second to 10 seconds leads to a 123% increase in bounce rate, meaning the vast majority of visitors to your website leave if it’s not fast enough. The easiest way to keep visitors on your website and coming back is to make your website fast. Here at The Get Smart Group, we produce industry-leading websites that are not only fast but attractive and effective at converting visitors into customers.

Easy menu access matters.

An often overlooked facet of any website is the menu system. But today’s users expect to get the information they want as fast as possible. So a clean and efficient menu system is critical to the success of your business’s website. According to Google, “Users struggle to interpret and distinguish menu categories that do not align with their mental models for categories.” So it’s important to design menu categories that don’t just list information but organize it in a predictable way.

Persistent calls to action is the only way to convert a visitor to your website, into a lead in your CRM.

What is a call to action? It’s a button leading to a form that a user fills out giving you access to their inbox, and sometimes even more critical customer information. Forms are incredibly complex. From the psychology of enticing a user to fill out a form, to the technical aspects of what happens after the form is filled out, a lot goes into converting a visitor into a lead. But what matters most in this process is having persistent and constant calls to action across your business’s website. Buttons that lead to the contact form need to be littered around the website at key points when the visitor’s interest is at its peak. Conversely, you also need to have a call to action on every single page in a familiar location. That way, visitors to your website are never more than one click away from filling out your form.

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