How to Get Solid Roofing Leads for Your Business

How to Get Solid Roofing Leads for Your Business
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Generating roofing leads is one of the most important aspects of running a successful roofing business. Without proper lead generation, you won’t have customers to serve or ways to generate revenue. Your employees and crews depend on you to continually keep work in the pipeline. But this task is exhausting and never-ending.

Who can you turn to for help to gain momentum?

Here are our best tips on how to get quality roofing leads and make sure your company thrives.

Find Out What Roofing Leads Are Searching For

A continual stream of qualified roofing leads is just what your company needs to stay afloat. But before you can get roofing leads, it’s important to know what customers are searching for. That way, you can craft your roofing lead generation strategy around that demand and deliver the services customers want when they need them.

The first step to finding solid roofing leads is to find out what people in your area are searching for. To do this, you need expert research on what keywords your target customers are using when they search for roofers online. The Get Smart Group employs industry-leading experts who can help you discover relevant roofing terms for search engines and capitalize on the ones that are appearing the most often.

Are people looking for help with an insurance claim due to roof storm damage? What about a roof replacement for a home purchase? Or maybe roofing leaks are causing customers to search for a roofing contractor who can help them quickly in their time of need. Whatever the search term, we’ll find it and get you in front of the people who are on a quest for the right roofer.

Focusing on SEO (search engine optimization) is a fantastic way to get roofing leads. When you set yourself up as the authority on your blog and social media, you make it easier for people to find you —and this, in turn, means a steady stream of clients. We’ll make sure the content on your website is optimized with the keywords you need and that it’s regularly updated to please those handy Google web crawlers.

Invest in the Right Ad Space

Another way to get roofing leads is to invest in ads that convert well. You can use Google ads, Facebook ads, and even YouTube ads to reach a larger audience and draw new customers in.

The best part? You can tailor the ads to your target demographic and be sure that you’re only reaching out to people who are likely to need roofing help.

Google ads will get your name in front of potential customers when they search for roofers, while Facebook and YouTube ads let you reach a larger audience with demographic targeting. 

For roofers looking to make a splash in the roofing industry, investing in the right ad space could be just what you need. And with The Get Smart Group on your side, you’ll have one of the top ad conversion teams around — with our ads ranked in the top 10% of worldwide Google ad performance.

Run After Those Five-Star Reviews

Word of mouth is still one of the best ways to get roofing leads. A quality CRM campaign can not only help you generate leads, it can reach out systematically to customers who are happy with your work and ask them for a review. Carefully crafted emails will ask your clients to write reviews on Google, Yelp, Angi, and/or Facebook. And since it is automated, it’s one more thing off your plate.

These reviews increase your visibility in the roofing industry and give potential customers a chance to read about other people’s experiences with you. According to Pew Research, online reviews are read by 82% of people. That’s huge! Glowing reviews are a must-have in letting potential roofing leads know that your company is trustworthy and dependable. And the right reviews can bring in the right projects that keep your business booming.

Are you ready to get the leads you need for your roofing business? The Get Smart Group can help you develop and execute a roofing lead generation strategy that works for your company. From finding the right keywords for SEO and CRM campaigns to setting up targeted Google, Facebook, and YouTube ads and more, we can do it all. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation now to see how we can help you find an ongoing flow of roofing leads for a productive and profitable future.

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