How to Have a Successful Lead Nurturing CRM Campaign for Pool Leads

How to Have a Successful Lead Nurturing CRM Campaign for Pool Leads
How to have a successful lead nurturing crm campaign for pool leads

Are you on the hunt for pool leads? Some days it may feel like casting out a fishing line only to return home in anguish with no bites at all. But a successful lead nurturing CRM and capture of pool leads doesn’t have to be this way. In the day and age where every bite counts, making sure that you convert qualified leads into customers is key to keeping a steady stream of pool building clients in the pipeline for your business. And one of the very best ways to do this is with fantastic lead nurturing through a CRM campaign designed specifically for your needs.

What is Lead Nurturing for Pool Builders?

Lead nurturing is an essential component of any successful lead generation process, but especially so for pool builders. It involves engaging with potential customers, providing relevant information, and moving the potential customer from a researcher to a buyer. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already have a pool of leads to work with, lead nurturing with The Get Smart Group can pay off in ways you never imagined. Here are some tips for having a successful lead nurturing CRM campaign for pool leads.

Have a Way to Capture Leads

There’s no way to follow up with pool leads and carefully nurture them without capturing them first. That’s why it’s important to have lead capture forms and landing pages on your website. It should be easy for potential customers to submit their contact information, so set yourself up for success with this critical step in the lead nurturing process. Offer something impactful in return for their contact information. Whether that is a gorgeous brand-specific pool brochure, a customized pool planning guide, or a backyard lifestyle eBook, there are dozens of ways to offer something small in hopes of gaining something big. The investment of a lead capture is the foundation for a successful nurture campaign.

Develop an Automated Lead Nurturing CRM Strategy

Once you have leads captured from online lead forms, it’s time to set up your CRM automation. Save time and money on staffing and content by creating automated lead nurturing campaigns. Instead of manually writing emails, lead nurturing automation can be set up to send out a series of personalized messages at the right time, tailored to each lead’s interests and needs. Automated lead nurturing is the key to freeing up more time for your business while still staying top of mind with potential customers.

Identify Your Lead Segments

Not everyone is going to have the same motivation or the same type of pool in mind. It’s important to categorize your leads so that you can send customized correspondence and content their way. Start by segmenting and organizing your pool leads into different types of customers such as new leads, existing customers, high-value customers, or prospects who are ready to buy. You can also categorize according to the type of pool build interest such as gunite or concrete, fiberglass or vinyl pool options. This will help you tailor the lead nurturing process for each lead type.

Get Your Message Right

Good lead nurturing starts with crafting an effective message that resonates with the reader. Stick to the basics like introducing yourself, explaining the value of what you offer, and establishing a call to action. Most importantly, make sure your lead nurturing message is personal and engaging — after all, if it’s too generic or boring, it won’t do much for lead conversion at all.

Paint a picture of a pool ownership lifestyle. Whether you send correspondence to people interested in a large swim space with incredible customizations like water and fire features, emails to families looking for upgrades like in-pool sports, diving boards, and slides, or commercial customers looking to maximize their income potential, different customers need a CRM that is completely customized for their needs.

Be Consistently Amazing

A one-and-done email is probably not going to get you far. You need CRM content that is consistent, engaging, and leaves the reader longing for more — more content, more answers to their questions, and definitely more personal interaction from you. Your goal is to consistently earn a level of trust that your competition isn’t accomplishing, and it takes a masterful industry professional to do this correctly.

Once you have your campaign written, it’s time to set your emails and interactions up to send systematically. Whether you choose several quick correspondences at the beginning and then taper off to weekly or monthly contact as time goes on, the one thing you want to shoot for is not ending up in the trash or gaining an unsubscribe click. How do you accomplish this? Avoid oversharing and bombarding emails and texts. Be personal, professional, and attentive. And offer your services at the reader’s convenience. A well-crafted plan can keep you at the forefront of customers’ minds even if they aren’t ready to build their pool right then.

Lead nurturing crm means great correspondence that connects people to your pool building business.
Quality photos help those reading your lead nurturing CRM envision how they can use a pool in their own space.

Add Picture-Perfect Photos

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and boy, is that unbelievably true for pool builders. You aren’t just offering a product. You are offering clients a chance to build a beautiful lifestyle. Include eye-catching, professional images in your lead nurturing CRM campaign to get clients excited about the possibilities of what they could have. You want customers to start the dreaming and planning process now, and with you as the expert authority for the most beautiful pools in your area, they’ll know just who to turn to when it’s time to build a sensational space for their home or business.

Track and Analyze Your Leads

Last but not least, lead nurturing isn’t complete without tracking and analyzing the data of your lead campaigns. You can use various lead generation software to track and measure lead conversion, customer engagement, and ROI. This will help you analyze your lead nurturing efforts and see where improvements need to be made.

A lead nurturing CRM campaign can help you achieve this goal in a systematic, successful way. The Get Smart Group is your trusted ally to help you build a lead nurturing system customized for pool leads that gives you results. Our lead generation specialists are experts at CRM lead captures and nurtures. Would you like to see what we can do for your pool building business? Schedule your free 30-minute consultation now to see for yourself the impact that the right lead nurturing CRM can have on your bottom line this year.

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