How to Use Memes & Hashtags for Marketing

These days, it’s all about that #relatablecontent. While it may seem silly at first, memes and hashtags are actually a great marketing tool that you need to utilize. As the younger, more digitized generation begins entering your market, it is vital to create social media strategies to get their attention. Plus, making memes and using hashtags is just plain fun. Who said marketing had to be boring, anyway?

Why you need memes

Memes, more often than not, have one purpose: be funny. Topics can range from light-hearted day-to-day laughs to pop culture references to darker comedy on the modern-age and politics. You can get as edgy as you like, or you can keep it light. It’s all up to you and how you want to market your products and brands. Memes are versatile in that way. That’s what makes them such a great marketing tool.

Memes also offer a reprieve from standard stock photos filling your feed. Stock photos are wonderful at promoting products, but memes easily stand out beside them. They cause social media users to pause and read. 

Why you need hashtags

Hashtags help your customers find you on social media, boosting your organic reach. How? Serving almost as a categorizing tool, customers now have the ability to search and follow certain hashtags. And if you provide a product that lands in that category, the chances of leads seeing your product and business rise exponentially.  

Using hashtags in a niche market can be a bit of a challenge, admittedly. To remedy this, try to find trending hashtags that are related to your products. Sometimes all it takes is a simple search in a search engine to find out what the trending hashtags at the moment. You can even pop over to Instagram to see how many followers that hashtag has.

For example, if you are trying to promote some custom swimming pools you’ve built, some easy niche hashtags would probably be #pools, #swimmingpools, #custom. Not everyone is going to Instagram to look for pictures of swimming pools, though. However, if it’s summertime, they are definitely going to be looking for posts that give them that summer vacation vibe. So use that! Hashtags like #summer, #summertime, #summervibes, and #summernights would be excellent. The simple hashtag #summer currently has 445 Million followers. That’s a large audience to show your custom swimming pools to.

If you’re particularly proud of the gorgeous work you’ve done on the custom pool, hashtags like #gorgeous, #beautiful, and even #artistry would be great additions to reach an organic audience. Just be sure to select your hashtags with care, and don’t select too many at once, or overuse them. 

At The Get Smart Group, we believe marketing never has to be boring. We like using creative tools to keep your social media marketing fresh. And yes, that means we like to use memes and hashtags, too. Contact us today if you need some help marketing your backyard recreation or home improvement business. 

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