Identifying Marketing Goals When You’ve Got No Inventory

Identifying Marketing Goals When You’ve Got No Inventory
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One of the most exciting things we get to do here at The Get Smart Group is help our clients achieve their marketing goals. But, one thing we’ve learned is that sometimes our clients need help identifying what their goals could and should be and the best ways to achieve them.

Some Marketing Goals to have during Industry Shortages

When you think about “goals” in terms of marketing, the most obvious answer is leads—or more importantly—conversions. However, that’s not always the best strategy. For instance, if your inventory is suffering from the ever-stressful industry shortages, acquiring sales may not help your business be successful. Who wants to have to tell their customers “no” on a regular basis? Instead, some other goals you may consider might be:

  • Reducing your cost per lead
  • Increasing your Google ad impressions
  • Promoting services over products
  • Increasing social media engagement

Really, anything that will keep your name top-of-mind or will benefit your budget over time so that when your inventory becomes available to your customers, they already recognize your name and know exactly where to go to get what they need.

Shift Marketing Focus during Industry Shortages

Of course, you don’t have to be facing problems with industry shortages to alter or expand your marketing goals. Some clients want to be well known for carrying a specific product or offering a niche service. You could decide this is the year you want to grow your eCommerce business or increase your in-store visits. 

Once you’ve identified three objectives you’d like your business to achieve, you can start creating a plan to reach those goals. Here at The Get Smart Group, you’ll find a whole team dedicated to helping you realize your goals – big or small. Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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