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How Can The Get Smart Group Grow Your Business?

Experts when you need them.

You can’t be an expert at every skill in every niche.

Here at The Get Smart Group, we have learned that we can apply our focus to enrich our knowledge base, innovate to improve data reporting, and enhance the educational opportunities within specific niche markets, most prominently the pool and spa industry. That is how we have become known as the experts at digital marketing in the Backyard Recreation industry… We get this stuff.

Looking to Make a Splash in Your Local Pool Sales Market? We don’t just market. We sold this stuff.

We know swimming pools.

Whether it’s a vinyl pool, packaged pool, gunite, concrete, shotcrete, above-ground, semi-inground or fiberglass pool – we actually know the difference. We understand who these customers are and why they shop for and purchase these different types of pools. We know that a package pool customer is not even remotely in the same price range as a custom concrete pool customer. We are familiar with the price ranges, we know the brands, we recognize the photos – and we understand the branding and perception needs and how to attract the type of customer who is going to buy your pool brand in your price range.

We know marketing.

Best of all, we are experts at swimming pool marketing – to your consumers in your market.

Our marketing solutions are customized for each client, based on your business, brands, location, and sales processes. We know how to target the right clients on Google, Facebook, with SEO, and with geotargeting to get you more valid, qualified leads monthly online, on the phone and walking into your showrooms.

We know the pool industry.

The Get Smart Group team is on the cutting edge of industry knowledge. We attend four or more industry trade shows annually (some by invitation as speakers) with our team for educational and networking purposes. We write more than 140 original, unique industry blog posts each month with our content team of 15+ writers, editors, and content managers.


We know digital marketing technologies.

We develop innovative customer website solutions, software solutions, a virtual project gallery, payment portals and visual retail solutions for each of our clients, based on their unique business needs. Our sister company, The Realizers, has even partnered with the largest US pool manufacturer to create an augmented reality solution for pool customers to experience virtual pool shopping from home using their phones and iPads.

In 2019, we built the first-ever vinyl liner configurator for customers to see realistic augmented reality perspectives of vinyl liner colors and styles in their backyard and a website configurator to make it easier to shop for pools online. In 2021, we finalized a number of integration tools for pool dealers’ websites, including an online appointment scheduler for water testing, maintenance, and service, as well as an automated online pool gallery tool, and more.

So yes – we sell this stuff! We also innovate.

We do more than any other digital marketing company in the pool builder sector, and we do it better.

Want your swimming pool business to experience the benefits of truly Smart Marketing? Contact us today!

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