Introducing … The Get Smart Coloring Pages!

Nickie Russell

Hi, I’m Nickie Russell, a digital designer here at GSG. Most of the time, I’m busy cranking out ad images for our clients. But this month, we’re starting something new! We’re rolling out The Get Smart Coloring Pages, which I hope you and your kids will enjoy. 

Coloring has become so popular lately. Adult coloring books for meditation, relaxation, and even spiritual enlightenment are all the rage. Why? Because creating art is relaxing. Somewhere around first or second grade, most of us put down our crayons and decide, “we’re not artists,” and “we’ll never be good at it.” But the desire, and even the need, to create never really leaves us. Coloring allows those who aren’t necessarily “artists” to enjoy creating something beautiful, colorful, and FUN! 

Deciding to make coloring pages was easy. Coming up with something to color — that was hard! Then, it occurred to me that you guys don’t really know our team. We have experts in every field from pool and spa sales to Facebook advertising, and Google analytics to website development. Toss in a few writers, some killer assistants … But what they do isn’t nearly as awesome as who they are. You won’t find a friendlier bunch on either side of the Mississippi (because, guys, we’re spread all over the place!) 

Each month, I’ll create a coloring page featuring one of our GSG staff. This month, I’m featuring our co-founders, Scott and Ali Reynolds. They founded GSG in 2008, and have since grown us into one of the country’s premiere pool and spa marketing agencies. They’ve got uber knowledge in the pool and spa industry, blah blah blah. What we REALLY like is that they’ve created a workplace where we enjoy the work, love the coworkers, and have a healthy, happy work-homelife balance.

So, color! Relax. Reflect. Enjoy something you remember fondly from days when you didn’t feel like everything had to be perfect. 

And, Happy Holidays from The Get Smart Group!

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