Linda Emerson Coloring Page


Last month, I did a coloring page of our founders, Scott & Ali Reynolds. This month, I decided to highlight our rockstar administrative assistant, Linda Emerson. Linda has a LOT on her plate here at GSG. She works one-on-one with Scott, keeping him on track and on schedule, which is way more than a full-time job. But she also coordinates with the whole team to make our processes and procedures better and to make sure we’re delivering the high-quality customer service we promise our clients.

But Linda’s professional life is just the tip of the iceberg! Not only is she a mother, grandmother, traveler, wine connoisseur, Airbnb host, brand ambassador for Subaru, but she owned her own business for decades (in an entirely different industry). And — get this guys — she raises chickens! She absolutely adores animals, and her chickens have free rein to roam around her beautiful home in Northern California.

Linda often entertains us with pictures of her shenanigans — chickens on the prowl, doggies too cute for words, and her camper parked at some amazing campsite so we can be jealous of her exploits. We enjoy her hobbies vicariously, even though we may not get invited!

Linda also brings a kind spirit and oodles of fun to our team. Be sure to load your colored pictures of Scott, Ali & Linda to our Facebook page!

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