Logo Blues Got You Down? You’re not alone.

Example of before and after logo blues

Most pool and spa dealers know the importance of logos as brand images. They understand that having a consistent image helps consumers instantly recognize and identify with their brand. But as often as not, we come across a few logo issues with our clients. They’re ready to spend money on advertising. Ready to invest in their pool and spa business in new ways. But they are held back because their logo is outdated, is low-resolution, or only exists in a format that’s incompatible with digital platforms.

Antiquated logos exist for many reasons. Some business owners start out with a hand-drawn logo from a late-night napkin sketch and never develop this brand package beyond that simple image. Some hire a friend of a friend or a budding designer to develop something with their company name on it, not knowing to ask for important file formats to use with both print and digital marketing. Others inherit a 40-year-old logo along with their parents’ 40-year-old business. It’s not an uncommon problem, and thankfully with today’s technology, nearly every logo can be brought back to life!

Whether it’s digitizing and vector formatting a company’s heirloom logo or developing a brand new, updated logo package to meet the needs of your growing company, the team at The Get Smart Group is ready and able to help.

Looking to make a logo change and want some additional ways you can be prepared for your meeting with a designer? I’ve listed out a few ideas below:

#1 – Confirm your company name.

This shouldn’t need to be on the list. It’s here because I’ve come across more than one client who still hasn’t nailed down a company name, but they want to begin design work on a logo. Trying to design a logo before determining a company name ensures a longer process than needed for both the designer and yourself as you work through it.

#2 – Know your target audience.

It can be as broad or as specific as you’d like. However, this special descriptive will help your designer produce a logo that will resonate well with your customers. What appeals to grandparents shopping for a pool for the grandkids isn’t the same image that resonates with young couples or ambitious middle-aged businesspeople.

#3 – Decide on a company slogan or motto.

These additional elements can be a great complement to a logo and branding package. And a good designer can help you develop this at the same time. Your motto should both reflect your business identity and resonate with your target audience.

#4 –  Do a little of your own research for style.

Saying that you’re looking for a “simple” and “clean” logo is about as unhelpful as you can get. Adjectives like these are too broad and cover many artistic styles. It’s more helpful to let your graphic designer know if you have a preferred look or if you’ve seen some logos that you like. What’s also helpful is to list ways in which your logo would be used. For example, will it be painted on your route trucks? Used in your Facebook and Instagram marketing? Incorporated into your website design and Google ads? Discuss your intended purposes with your designer. Examples of logo styles that work well in pool and spa marketing include bright, colorful designs, minimalist designs, negative space utilization, and overlapping and geometric patterns.

#5 – Finally, prepare with a list of deliverables and a timeframe.

Make your time count with your designer. Coming to the meeting with knowledge about what you need is key. If you’re unsure of file types and what you might need for your pool and spa logo, reach out to us at The Get Smart Group. We would be happy to help you get a handy list of Logo and Branding items that would be useful for your businesses needs. 


I sincerely hope this helps you come up with the perfect logo for your pool and spa business. Or any other company you’re running! The design team here at The Get Smart Group can make all your brand image dreams become reality! 

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