LowestRates.com – a Get Smart Group Customer Success Story

Lowest Rates (lowestrates.ca in Canada and lowestrates.com in the U.S.) is a price comparison site, much like Expedia or Hotwire, but instead of offering prices on travel, it compares personal finance products. The site has access to mortgage rate from over 30 banks and lenders in Canada. And, if someone is looking for insurance or credit cards to fit their needs, the site offers quotes from over 10 providers.  “We want to empower people to more easily understand personal finance and make the right choices for their unique needs,” says Justin Thouin, co-founder and CEO.


Justin explains that, before working with The Get Smart Group, Lowest Rates saw nearly 100% of its traffic through organic search, but wasn’t doing much beyond a monthly newsletter from a reacquisition standpoint. “We were doing a great job of acquiring our customers, but getting them to come back to our website, cross-buy products and staying in the forefront of our customers minds – we weren’t doing a good job of that,” Justin says.

Justin and his team saw an opportunity in working with The Get Smart Group to provide a better service to consumers by providing them with educational pieces and helping them save money. Utilizing The Get Smart Group’s Infusionsoft program for the majority of email communication, Lowest Rates works toward engaging its customers more on a regular basis.

The program sends an email to new customers when they visit and set up an account on the site. Lowest Rates also sends two weekly emails through the Infusionsoft program: an informational email on Mondays to help educate consumers and a “lowest rate of the week” email every Wednesday as a special offer that should catch the interest of the lead database. “Infusionsoft also manages our database of customers and allows us to slice and dice that list to target market them as needed,” Justin explains.

Lowest Rates has seen significant improvement in its retention numbers since working with The Get Smart Group and implementing the Infusionsoft email marketing program. “We definitely have better engagement from our customers. We’ve stayed top of mind with them and we’ve been able to share with them other products that we have to offer. We acquire feedback more frequently because we create a personal, one-on-one relationship with each of them. And we generate incremental revenue through the cross-selling of products, whereas we weren’t doing that before.”

Justin reports that working with The Get Smart Group has certainly improved their business. “We’ve only had the pleasure of working with Scott directly so far. He’s responsive and his expertise has added value to our company.”

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