Premium Marketing Services for HVAC Companies

Premium Marketing Services for HVAC Companies

The marketing prowess you need to increase HVAC sales leads

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Ah, the comforts of home.

Among the many luxuries that come with having our own space is the ability to control the comfort level through heating and air conditioning technology. It stands to reason that every homeowner everywhere will, at some point, need services from an HVAC company like yours. So, you need premium marketing services to reach potential customers.

That’s where The Get Smart Group comes in.

Our ever-expanding team of talented experts can assist in taking your HVAC marketing strategies up a notch. While you may have the basics in place (such as a website and semi-active social media account), basic is no longer enough to stand out among competitors. You need a poppin’ website, you need active and engaging social media, and you need several other points of contact with customers. Just catching the customer when they have an immediate need for services is passe; now it’s about creating a presence that puts your HVAC business at the forefront of customers’ minds before a need even arises. 

Engaging Content

Social media is increasing in popularity as a search tool for customers to find the next company they need to hire. Before someone ever does a Google search, they will likely ask their friends and family for HVAC service recommendations on Facebook. That’s why your social media presence needs to go beyond once-a-month shares of stock photos and the bland “contact us for your HVAC needs” caption. A recommendation from a friend means a potential customer is going going to check your social media feed, and if there is nothing engaging on it, they will move on. 

The Get Smart Group will develop a consistent and engaging social media strategy for your company that not only shows that your business is active, but aids in telling a story. That’s what potential customers are drawn to: a company that makes them feel comfortable, connected, and cared about. 

Additionally, your website needs to go beyond basic service descriptions and locations. The About Us page needs to provide a personal connection to the staff potential customers will encounter. The Services page needs to provide a thorough description of what customers can expect from your HVAC services. Your blog needs to have more than two posts that are essentially a duplication of the rest of your website. 

The Get Smart Group has talented content creators that can bolster the readership of your website, reducing bounce rates. This includes blog content that will help bring customers to your website via Google search results on topics like “How do I pick the best HVAC system?” and “Cleaning my HVAC.” Homeowners are looking for information, not a sales pitch. If you can draw them in on the first, you can often hook them on the latter – that’s what we’re here to help you do. 

Stay Front of Mind

Engaging social media and an informative blog will bring them to you and should encourage customers to at least send a message or sign up for your e-newsletter. That’s where The Get Smart Group develops an effective drip campaign (emails at regular intervals) so that potential customers have touch points with your HVAC company on a regular basis. 

Drip campaigns give your heating and cooling company an opportunity to share important information about choosing the right unit, HVAC maintenance homeowners can do themselves, and other value-adding content so that they see your company as invested in them as people, not just another payday. Customers are searching for service companies that prioritize them and sending them valuable content is what will make your HVAC business the first that potential customers think of when they have a need for outside help with their system. 

Our goal at The Get Smart Group is to create a customized process to help your HVAC business grow through premium marketing strategies that not only put you in front of potential customers but showcase your business as the better choice among competitors. 

Contact us today to heat things up.

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