Should I care about Facebook Stories?

If you’ve seen Facebook Stories on your Facebook feed, that probably means you’ve seen your niece posting about the latest thing she ate or your neighbor’s new cat. Facebook Stories are entertaining, but why not just post a video on your Facebook page? You may be asking yourself what the point of Facebook Stories really is. Well, you’re in the right place. We’ll go over how you can use this feature for your business and make your next local marketing sale a huge success. 

What It Is

Stories is a feature that uses Facebook’s in-app camera, which allows users to overlay cutesy filters. (This is very much copy-catting Snapchat, but Facebook is never one to be outdone, so they adapted their own equally profitable version.) You can also add visual geolocation tags to your photos or videos in Facebook Stories. Rather than just posting these images to your Facebook page, they are posted to the Stories section of the Facebook App, and though they are accessible on a desktop, they are still formatted for mobile viewing. The idea behind Facebook Stories is to add a more personal and casual way to connect with your friends or followers. When used to your advantage, this can be quite powerful to market your hot tub or swimming pool ads!

What it is Not !

Here’s the thing. If casual and up close and personal is not something you are comfortable with, then Facebook Stories might not be for your brand. If you want your video, image, or message to last forever, then Facebook Stories is not for you. The content you post there only lasts 24 hours. 

Where you find it?

To access Stories from your mobile phone, you will need to view your business page from the Facebook app. Scroll down to the “Create a post” section. You should see Create a Story directly below. 

Similar to Instagram Stories, your spa marketing content shared with Stories will appear at the top of the Facebook News Feed when your followers log in to the app. When viewing a story, users can also reply to your business page with a direct message. Be ready to respond!

How on earth could this even possibly benefit my business?

Great question. Businesses can post Stories to their News Feeds when they have a timely update. Remember, Stories disappear after 24 hours, but you can use that to your advantage by posting about a limited time offer or sale on hot tubs or swimming pools. When the story expires, the offer is no longer visible! A lot of brands have a hard time connecting to their audiences. Stories are a great way to do this because it allows you to show a human face or be more accessible with relevant content. Relating to your audience by using the same methods that they use to connect with friends keeps you current, top of mind, and engaging. 


We encourage you to try Facebook Stories the next time you have a flash sale on hot tubs or swimming pools, an urgent message, or even a heartfelt message of support during this epidemic.

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