Should You Run Swimming Pool Ads When Your Builds are Booked Up?

woman looking at swimming pools ads on phone by swimming pool

Wow! Your pool builds are booked up through the 2022 season, and it’s time to revisit your marketing strategy. Since you’re booked up, you’re wondering how to approach this next year. Should you run swimming pool ads when your builds are booked up? Or should you focus on something else? 

Focus on the Long Term

Digital marketing is a long-term game, not a short-term game. Yes, the 2022 swimming pool season seems like a long time away. But for people just now beginning to consider buying a swimming pool, it’s really soon. Swimming pools are a large investment, even with financing. It’s not a quick decision someone is going to make. 

So, when you’re advertising, your focus isn’t just on the next swimming season. You’re in a great spot since you’re booked up because you can actually target advertisements to people who will be wanting to wait a few years before actually making the purchase. If you keep running swimming pool ads when your builds are booked up, your builds will continually be booked.

Remember the Rule of Seven

In marketing, there is a standard called the “Rule of Seven”. Basically, this means that someone will need to see an ad seven times before they even notice it, much less decide to act on it. Think about it. When you’re scrolling through Facebook, how many ads do you just scroll right past without noticing even more than “that’s an ad”. Can you name the last ad you saw? 

But what about that one ad you’ve seen a million times? The one that either drives you insane because you see it so often, or the one that you’re like “Oh yeah, I was wanting to look into that.” If your builds are booked up, you don’t have to run so many ads that people start to get annoyed. Instead, over the next year, your audience will be seeing your ad and thinking, “Oh yeah. Let’s look more into getting a pool.” And when the time comes for them to actually book a build, they’ll remember your business name, and you will likely have availability. 

Target a New Ad Audience

So, should you run swimming pool ads when your builds are booked up? This is actually one of the best times to run swimming pool ads. You are secure and don’t have to worry about filling out next year’s schedule. This means you can focus more on the future. Instead of targeting an audience who’s looking to buy now, you can target an audience who’s just getting started in their pool buying journey, or are close but not quite ready to buy now. 

If all of this is confusing to you, or you just need help keeping things going since you’re so busy building, schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with The Get Smart Group. We specialize in digital marketing for pool and spa businesses. With our help, your targeted Facebook and Google Ads will bring in leads for years to come.

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