Show & Event Promotion

The Get Smart Group is committed to maximizing your budget and getting as many people possible to your live event using our proven combination of Google and Facebook advertising. Below, we go through each step of our process to give you a better idea of how everything works.

Information Gathering

Before we start any show, we need to gather as much information as possible from you. This includes show dates, times and location along with what you’re selling. We help you generate an offer such as “Save 30%” or “$1000 off Your New Pool or Spa”. You don’t need to have everything ready right up front, but the sooner we get it all, the sooner we’ll be ready to promote your show.

Asset Preparation

Our artists will get to work designing the best promotional ads in the industry. We create custom, eye-catching designs that are unique to every event so you know that the public will respond well. We don’t rehash the same thing over and over – otherwise, the response would be lower.

At this point we’ll also select your custom domain name for the show (we can also use your own domain name such as but we find our memorable collection of domains work even better). A few of our domains include:

and many more. We can even create a domain name specific to your region.

Finally, we select the custom phone number you’ll use for the show. We do some awesome call tracking and reporting (more on that below) so you’ll need a custom toll-free number. We own several in the space such as 855-MY-SPA-SALE and 855-BIG-EXPO. The sooner you commit to a show, the sooner we can get you a great number. (The number is only available during your show)

Google Ads

Ok – so at this point, we’ve got two full sets of custom google ads designed for you that are specific to your event, offer and location.

We run two kinds of ads for every show: Display and Search.

Search ads are probably the most common kind of Google Ad. These are the ads that show up at the top of search results when someone is searching for a Hot Tub, Pool, Swim Spa or whatever else you’re offering. Depending on your budget, we make sure that your show/event ad is on top of every search in your target market for the duration of the show. We’ll discuss budgets and expectations during our initial meeting and prior to launch.
Display ads are those images/picture ads that you see scattered around the internet. We’ll make sure your ads are seen by a ton of specifically targeted people in your market. We do this through a combination of demographic, interest, placement and topic targeting. You don’t just want to completely flood the market without targeting a bit, so we’ve built up a proprietary targeting scheme that maximizes exposure to the right people while not blowing the budget. In most cases, we exceed 100,000 impressions per show (how many times people see your ad) but it varies market-to-market.

Facebook Ads

Facebook is turning out to be one of the absolute best targeting tools out there to drive foot traffic to live sales and events. This year we’ve spent nearly $100,000 on Facebook ads and have a lot of great data to draw from.

What we’ve discovered is that advertising on Facebook is equal parts science and art. Our crack social media team knows how to place eye-catching designs, write great copy and get people to a landing page – all while generating likes, comments, and shares, the “currency” of a successful Facebook campaign. It is not as simple as just writing a few posts and adding some dollars. You really need to think through the overall Facebook experience.

We create 5 different ads types, four boosted posts and use a couple of unique strategies to get the most exposure, clicks and leads possible. By using great imagery, a bit of photo editing and posting know-how, your Facebook page takes on a professional quality that builds confidence and drives more leads.

In addition to the ads, we also create a custom Facebook cover image (the big wide image at the top of your Facebook page). The cover image is an often-overlooked part of a successful event promotion. That image shows up in a lot of ad-types as the “main” image and if you don’t update it, potential leads will have no idea why to click through to your event.   We change the image before the show starts and swap it back after the show ends.

We typically drive a reach of over 100,000 people on Facebook (the number of individual people who see your ads) and 1000+ clicks to your landing page.

As a side bonus, we always allocate some advertising dollars to increasing likes on your Facebook page. This improves a critical metric called Engagement which results in more people seeing your ads and posts organically (free!).

Custom Landing Pages

Landing pages are your last chance to convert a website visitor to a lead. And even if the lead doesn’t fill out the form, we always make the phone number prominent and encourage them to print out the page (there is a map!).

We use a great tool called ClickFunnels to build a custom landing page for every event and then host it on one of our custom URLs as mentioned above. These landing pages are fully mobile compliant so when the masses are searching for a new hot tub on their phone, the page they see is easy to read and easy to get more information. (96% of Facebook traffic comes from mobile in a typical show campaign. Yes, ninety six percent. If you don’t have a mobile landing page, you’re going to lose a TON of potential leads).

You See Everything

Just prior to show launch, we send you a PDF containing a full explanation of exactly how we’re going to promote your show. You see all the ads, emails, and Facebook posts. We also diagram the automated follow-up system so you know how your leads are receiving contact from you.

Call Tracking

Keeping track of phone calls is important in any advertising campaign. Our killer tool of choice is called CallRail and allows us to track incoming phone calls from all of our advertising efforts for your show. In addition to tracking calls, the system will also send you an instant email with a full recording of each call along with emails of missed calls. You also get a daily and weekly report of your calls during your show with full caller ID data, recordings, and other fun data.

Automated Lead Followup

We all know how busy a show can be. Between setup, the actual show, teardown and all of the paperwork and details in-between, it’s hard to do a great job of lead follow-up during an event.

All of the leads that we capture go into an automated follow-up system. If you are already a customer of ours with our great Infusionsoft based CRM/follow-up system, we send the leads directly into your application so you can follow-up with them ASAP following a show.

If you don’t have our customized lead follow-up system, we’ll still set up a simple two-email follow-up process so that your leads feel cared for and know how to get to your event. We’ll even send an email after the event to drive leads back to your showroom for one more shot at a sale. Of course, you also get a full list of leads every day with emails and phone numbers so that your sales team can stay 100% on top of all the leads we’re generating.

Lead Capture At The Event

Sometimes a buyer just isn’t quite ready to make a purchase at an event. We especially see this at events like county fairs where a competitor may be lurking nearby. The lead wants to price and experience the shop and walks away without signing on the dotted line.

We’ll create a custom web form that you can load onto iPads (or other tablets) at your event to capture lead information. When someone fills out the form, they’ll get an email thanking them for their time and will be provided with your contact information.   We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen a lead walk away, grab a funnel cake, check their email, be impressed by the follow-up, and come back and buy. These leads will be entered into the system above and will also receive a post-show email.


When you’re spending money to promote a show, numbers matter. Following every single event we meet with you to go over all of the results. You see what performed well, where your traffic came from and the improvements to your Facebook page.

We discuss the overall performance and come up with ideas to improve the process for the next event. You’ll know where every dollar went and be ready and confident going into the next event.

If you can’t measure it, you shouldn’t spend money on it!


I hope you get the idea that we put a TON of effort into promoting your event and making you look great to the general public while driving plenty of foot traffic. There a re a lot of other details such as our constant monitoring and tweaking during the show and getting our entire staff to participate on your Facebook page. Whatever we find that improves the event promotion process, we’ll do it and get you the leads and buyers to be more and more successful with each passing year.

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