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I believe in people — their value, their ingenuity and creativity and especially their potential. Everyone matters, their dreams, and their goals matter. And for me, helping people better attain their goals and improve their quality of life is a purpose worthy of pursuit. I grew up on a thoroughbred horse farm in eastern Pennsylvania. There I learned the value of working hard with a song on your lips and the pure joy of doing a thing well. I have been a martial arts instructor and coach, worked in the telecom industry for several years, and served as a sales and retail manager in the pool and hot tub industry before joining The Get Smart Group.

My beloved wife, Stephanie and I have two girls, and we all share a passion for reading books and playing outside. I enjoy disc golf, ultimate frisbee, riding our Peloton and occasionally singing with the Berks Opera Company. I also invest a considerable amount of time volunteering at our local church.

My time in the pool industry offers me valuable insight concerning needs specific to our clients and their hard-earned businesses. I get “it” because I’ve been right where they are. My desire to help people and improve their quality of life grows every time we use our innovation to resolve the problems faced by our clients. And even more, as we strive to honor one of our core values: Do Good – We desire nothing less than to transform the world and empower entrepreneurs.

My name is Jason Rosenberger!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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