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I love to organize! I know‚ call me crazy but it is one of those endearing qualities that every business needs. Being the firstborn in my family gave me lots of practice at herding details. As a child, I loved to fly kites guiding them here and there and swooping them around making beautiful patterns in the sky. What I do best today reminds me of those early days‚ holding the string, keeping everything in place, and watching the pieces transform themselves into harmony.

After years of corporate management with American Express, I longed for a more creative life so I left the Big City and moved to the Sierra Foothills. Never once did I look back! Opening a coffeehouse in the mountains became my dream. After five years of retail management, I realized that I had a clear picture of the ups and downs of business ownership and knew what my next step would be. I pooled my experiences in finance, retail and marketing and began working with other startups in the area providing them with the guidance needed to create successful businesses. Fifteen years later, here I am working with The Get Smart Group doing everything I love; supporting a business filled with creative people who are like kites in the sky.

And on those days of leisure, you might find me kayaking on one of the local lakes, skiing down a mountain or just putzing around in my garden. It’s all good.

My name is Linda Emerson!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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