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I’ve always loved writing, editing, and grammar, but it wasn’t until college I realized I could do what I love for a living. A little over four years later, I have a BS in Professional Writing and will be graduating with a MA in Writing in May 2021.

While I enjoy all aspects of writing, my favorites are content creation, grant writing, and document design. I have a passion for helping others and use my skills as a professional writer to pursue that passion. I’m a huge advocate for accessibility in writing, as everyone should have equal access to content. The Get Smart Group’s focus on readability and search engine optimization, both of which involve accessibility, not only helps our clients but their clients, too.

When writing a bio, I feel like I should mention what I like to do outside of writing. Let’s be honest, I’m a grad student, so I don’t have much time to do things other than writing. But that’s okay with me because I love what I do!

My name is Manda Eigenmann!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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