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I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t reading or at the very least had a book close by.  As an avid devourer of books  I can remember growing up enjoying nothing more than curling up in the large cane backed rocker of our cozy family home or swaying on the front porch swing while I lost myself in the pages of a multitude of marvelous tales.  Of course, passion for reading eventually led to the joy of writing anything from plays and short stories to research reports.  Instilling a love of the spoken and written word led to a wonderful career in education that spanned over twenty years.  Besides professional accomplishments, I share a wonderfully adventurous life with my husband that has afforded me the opportunity to broaden my horizon by living abroad on two occasions. Additionally, during the course of our grand adventures, my husband and I have reared two wonderful children along with a few dogs, cats, hamsters, and a fish or two along the way.  Now the children are grown and outside of the one dog, who thinks she is obviously a princess deserving of all our attention (especially if peanuts or potato chips are involved), we are enjoying a new phase of life that comes with the title of  empty nesters. Because I believe in the importance of being a life-long learner and am always ready to embrace new challenges and experiences I have delved into web design and a variety of writing projects.  I find that the opportunity to write for The Get Smart Group is a rewarding way to keep myself sharp, focused, and also provide an outlet to share information that can help others make great informed choices on the fabulous products and services that will enhance their lives.

My name is Michelle McVey!
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