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My interest in literature and poetry has existed for as long as I can remember. My love for the former persuaded me to start writing my own short stories and poems. Eventually, I started looking for a way to work part-time, and content writing was the best way to earn on the side while doing what I love. I am a bibliophile, and I am driven by the need to know more, which is why research plays a huge role in my work. I started as a freelance writer in 2016, and I haven’t looked back.

I am a shy, quirky, and pragmatic individual with eclectic tastes and a unique outlook on life by embracing a wabi-sabi lifestyle (finding beauty in everything natural, especially imperfections.)

I am currently pursuing a master’s in International Marketing, which I decided on ever since my passion for marketing stirred. While I produce content on a part-time basis, writing will always be a part of my life, even though I will contribute to a bigger picture. I love being a part of the Get Smart Group and their journey because it’s fun, challenging, and everyone is extremely helpful and friendly.

My name is Nikita Saville!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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