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Growing up in a family of successful realtors, I decided to become a kindergarten teacher. That decision came only after I dabbled in veterinary care, played politics in D.C., pushed some donuts at a local shop, spent a moment in the big corporation world, and then found out an elementary education degree required the least amount of science courses. Sold.

As a child, I could be found writing exquisite poetry about topics such as mashed potatoes, how mean my sister was, and accidentally dropping my beloved Cabbage Patch in the toilet. In 3rd grade, I wrote a piece about a lady with paraplegia named Joni Eareckson Tada (and LOVED a good sentence diagramming homework assignment). Unsure why that stands out in my memories, but certain it sealed my love for all things English language. I can distinctly remember almost every major paper I wrote in school from third grade on.

As a mom of two busy little boys, my passion for raising them at home in their first years has put my school teaching on the back burner for this season. Arkansas born and raised, I now live in Missouri and spend my days playing, laughing, writing, but quite honestly, mostly cleaning.

Freelance writing for The Get Smart Group is the best of all my worlds combined. I really love writing words, and I really love raising boys. And in case I didn’t mention it, I don’t particularly love science.

My name is Olivia Pennington!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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