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Personal connections in business are the key to loyal customers. Telling a story about the product and the company is what I thrive on. At Stanford University in the Petroleum Engineering Department, I spent my time planning events and conferences for visiting oil company professionals who were investing in our students research. I enjoyed helping guests to the department plan their travel plans outside of the University. Sharing my favorite local spots, places to eat and relax. I was becoming a bit of a concierge!

I started my wine career at Ridge Vineyards, where I acted as the Director of Hospitality on the Montebello Estate in Cupertino, CA. Standing in for the winemaker when he was unavailable to host the media or press, I would host a tasting and provide an interview. I thrived on telling the story of the winery, pairing the handcrafted wines to local artisan cheeses and making a personal connection with the guests. This was the perfect training ground for starting my own winery in 2009. For the past seven years I have run my own successful business, and understand the commitment and sacrifice it takes to achieve your goals. When our winemaker is in the tasting room, he sells more wine than any of our employees. Why? Customers love the interaction with “the winemaker”, the owner, because it feels exclusive.

The Get Smart Group’s values of innovation, creativity and “yes we can” attitude allow me to shine. I love helping our clients grow their business. We do this by building brand image and awareness, by deepening your customers loyalty through personal connection to you. We use social media and custom content to tell your story, to nurture relationships with the people in your community so that they can look to you as a valuable and trusted resource.

My name is Sara Reed!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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