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I grew up in the home of two professors – one English major and one music major. From a very young age, I developed a love for education. I loved school and enjoyed English, math, and music the most – imagine that! I have always enjoyed reading, scrutinizing writing, and creating works of my own.

When I finished high school, I continued my education and got my Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education.  I have spent 13 years of my adult life teaching full-time in Christian schools – primarily teaching my three favorite subjects in MS/HS.  I took a few years off from teaching when my husband was in the Army and our kids were too young to be in school.

My family recently relocated to Missouri – and we’re loving it!  Our two eldest children are in elementary, and our youngest is home with me.  I do some subbing in the area, but I like to stay busy. I now have the opportunity to write from home, and I am excited to be learning new things! I love a challenge, and I am always up for a new adventure. I am grateful to be a part of the GSG team!

My name is Sharon Crownover!
I would love to talk and share with you how I can generate more leads for your business!

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