Content Manager


Hello, I am Abby Mwesigwa

All writing has one goal: Hold their attention.

No matter what your business is, when a potential customer or client lands on your site, you have only seconds before they click away … unless you hold their attention.

You’re an expert in your business; you shouldn’t have to be an expert writer, too. However, for every business, for every piece of content, the quality of the writing matters. If great information is buried in a wall of text or weak words, it won’t get read. That’s where I come in. Ferreting out passive voice, banishing weak words, boiling expert information down into an interesting article that captures and holds your target audience’s attention — that’s my jam.

As a writer and editor, I have worked in the pool, spa, and backyard entertainment industry since 2018. I also have several years of experience writing product descriptions for a large kitchen retailer. Occasionally, I get to use my skills to write 2-minute devotionals for my church serve team, too.

I live in Missouri with my husband and daughter, and our cat, Rosie, who may think she’s a dog, given the way she follows my daughter on walks, bike rides, and other adventures through the neighborhood.

Abby Mwesigwa