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Search Engine Marketing Manager


Hello, I am David Quilici

My business card says Digital Alchemist. Through a blend of focused digital skills, I can transform your business goals into digital gold. In other words, I build comprehensive digital marketing strategies from the customer awareness phase to fully converted leads.

Marketing Strategy.
Your products and services are great, but you need customers to find you. That’s where I put search engine marketing expertise to use(Google Ads and SEO) to drive potential customers to your website. I create high-yielding landing pages that convert visitors into leads. Then develop special retargeting strategies to capture those visitors that didn’t convert- yet.

Past Experience.
I spent several years as a youth and music pastor, which gave me valuable management experience and dealing with interpersonal relationships. It turns out if you can deal with junior highers for hours on end, you can deal with anyone. The same is true if you can learn to hold their attention.

David Quilici 

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