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Hello, I am Kim Patterson

I’ve loved to write since the moment I put pen to paper (okay, maybe crayon). Yet, despite this drive to create attention-grabbing content, when asked to supply a short writer biography, I choke. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  You would think, with such a passion for the written word, composing a quick bio would be no big deal, but somehow the creativity completely drains from my body and I’m left (quivering, I might add) with just the facts: Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in English, 12 years online and print writing experience, mom to two girls, lives in British Columbia, Canada, blah, blah…

I’ve read plenty of entertaining writer bios over the years, but still, when it comes to my own, I draw a blank. Maybe it’s the writer’s tendency to showcase their words above all else and when those words shine a spotlight on them, it’s all over. Perhaps it’s just a personal propensity for blending into the background. Regardless, please don’t judge me on the bio alone—I have so much more to offer!

Writing for The Get Smart Group provides me the opportunity to show off my actual writing talents.

Kim Patterson