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Hello, I am Nicole Reed

As a child, I grew up surrounded by books and people who wrote books. My father was a university professor and our house was often full of friends who were authors and experts in their fields. My mother was a very talented writer, who although she never wrote professionally, penned the most entertaining travel diaries I’ve ever read. She and my father traveled extensively and her descriptive letters made me feel I was with them as they explored exotic places throughout the world. I learned early on that the written word is a fabulous way to communicate.
I majored in literature at Stanford University, and somewhat guiltily, never felt like I was working too hard as I read my way through four years of college. After a few years of marriage and having two children, I became a teacher and the director of a private school. Instilling the love of books and reading in my own children and the children of others fulfilled a lifelong passion. Later in my career, I worked at a major university as a department secretary, faculty recruitment assistant, and student services manager.
My children are grown now, and I am privileged to spend a good deal of time with my granddaughter. Reading together is one of our greatest joys. Other activities that I pursue when I am not occupied with family are quilting, reading, and traveling with my husband.
I have been able to combine several passions in my life through my blog Sister’s Choice Quilts, one of the top-ranked quilting blogs in the US. I started the blog back in 2007 and found that it gives me the creative writing outlet I craved. On it, I share quilting techniques and projects, book reviews, product reviews, and lifestyle tips. Getting to know my followers has been extremely gratifying.
One of the most rewarding aspects of the writing that I do is that it provides me a chance to introduce and influence others regarding books and products that I have enjoyed. I love sharing information with others so that they may enjoy things that I have found interesting or worthwhile. Working for The Get Smart Group provides me with the opportunity to share information as well as to exercise my writing ability.

Nicole Reed