Sammy Schnetz

Senior Account Manager


Hello, I am Samantha Schnetz

Most kids grow up and learn things like how to play catch or how to pet dogs so that they don’t attack you. I grew up listening to my dad spew business advice at every opportunity he had. He was a clutch repair business owner turned restaurateur, and I learned most of my small business acumen working for him over the years.

I continued my obsession with small businesses and the food industry when I moved to New Orleans to attend college. I was mesmerized by flavors and creativity that I hadn’t experienced before. I had a soft spot in my heart for desserts, and eventually would start two of my own mobile food dessert concepts, and invest in a cupcake bakery back home in Sacramento with my family.

I have loved developing my creative and strategic thinking skills through all these experiences and helping to be part of my family’s success. While my passion has always been food and working with people, I am a chronic side hustler and love to learn new and interesting skills while I’m not at work. Some of my hobbies turned career attempts include teaching yoga and writing and performing stand-up comedy.

Now I am happily growing in my marketing career, and focusing on helping others achieve success with their small businesses. I still dream of opening a doughnut shop in a cute tourist town by the beach someday, when I’m ready to commit to being in one place.

Samantha Schnetz