The Crucial Keys to Swimming Pool Lead Generation

The Crucial Keys to Swimming Pool Lead Generation
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Swimming pool lead generation: mystery or formula? The simple answer is both. To the typical pool builder, it can seem next to impossible to keep a steady stream of new swimming pool leads flowing in. The mystery is how to keep generating leads, not break the bank, and keep on top of the latest and greatest in pool lead generation. The formula may be hard to decipher on your own. Can you? …Maybe. But after all, your business is selling and/or building pools, and we don’t expect you to be an expert at everything!

That’s where The Get Smart Group comes in. We are the pool marketing experts and to us, it is more of a formula than a mystery. We have perfected it with years of research, experience, and finding solutions to pool challenges. We make sure we know the latest trends and algorithms, and we are here to help you land the right leads for your pool business.

3 Crucial Keys to Swimming Pool Lead Generation You Can’t Afford to Neglect

#1 – Is Your Website Playing Hide-and-Seek?

Are you using effective pool lead generation methods?
Are you using effective pool lead generation methods?

Great pool lead generation starts with your website. Are you playing Hide-and-Seek with potential customers or are you getting people to your website organically through search engines? Ask yourself…

  • Do I have an up-to-date website? How many years has it had the same info?
  • Is it optimized for my keywords and SEO? Do I know what that is and how to do it? It’s ok if you don’t, but your website may be hiding in plain view.
  • Do I add fresh content regularly? Does my website add answers to questions my customers need? Is my blog fresh and up to date? Do I use social media to entertain and keep my friend informed?
  • Do I have links to expert advice on and off my website?

If you don’t know, or your website hasn’t been updated in a while, you are hiding your greatest asset – your website. And you can’t afford to hide if you want great pool lead generation. Search engines can’t recommend you if they can’t find you. To be able to find you, they look for keywords that tell them what your site is about and if it is relevant to a person’s search. If the keywords aren’t there, or they or buried, search engines like Google won’t offer you as an option and you will lose valuable leads.

Hide-and-Seek is a fun kid’s game, but in our world of the highly competitive swimming pool market, you can’t afford to play it. Take a deep dive into your website, fix SEO, and add keywords. It will improve the number of visits to your website. But it is not for the beginner, you need a bit of expertise. The Get Smart Group has the expertise to get you through this step if you need it.

You also need ongoing fresh content. Can you just grab it from your manufacturer’s site? You can, but it won’t do you as much good as having original content. Search engines are smart, really smart. They can tell when there is duplicate content, and they ignore it, so you lose the benefit.

Our suggestion is one or two great blogs a month to start. And at least 10 social media posts. The Get Smart Group has a content team who can do this for you if you need help. And let’s face it…you are all about selling pools. Do you really have the time to write?

Once your website is ready and done hiding, do you have a place to capture the leads that the search engines send? If you don’t, big mistake…huge. You spent the time to get the people there, now you need to get their information so you can follow up with them. It can be a live chat feature, a landing page form that relays the info back to your sales team, a pop-up with a free offer in exchange for info, or a great CTA (call to action) to every page of your site so no matter where they are, there is an easy way to get their info to you.

And you need a robust CRM to keep track of your leads and make it easy to follow up with them.

#2 Walking the Tightrope of Buying Swimming Pool Ads

Pool lead generation can feel like walking a tightrope with no end in sight.
Pool lead generation can feel like walking a tightrope with no end in sight.

Managing paid ads is a tightrope balancing act not for the faint of heart. You can feel like you will fall at any time and there is no end in sight. This is where the mystery continues and buying ads can make us feel like we aren’t prepared for the task. There are a lot of considerations including where to run ads, how much do I need to spend to be effective, and what do I say in a swimming pool ad?

You want to use the latest info on which search engines are leading the market. Hint: it’s still Google. But the others are growing, and you don’t want to miss out on them completely. So, you need to add in a few of the top others too.

Google can help you with the Google ads budget. It takes some trial and error and if you aren’t careful you will miss out on a lot of qualified buyers in your area or spend way too much for your leads. We have an entire team dedicated to ads management who can get you off the tightrope and onto solid ground. They monitor it and tweak it until they get you the best results possible for the dollars spent.

Part of that tightrope is knowing what to put in the limited space of an ad. The wrong wording will miss all the leads. So, what do you say? We know the right wording and graphics to use, and we also monitor this to switch it up if it is leaning too far on the tightrope.

Social media is important too, so you also want to keep an eye on it for some of your paid ads. Facebook and Instagram are the closest demographics for pool buyers, so put a few of your budget dollars there too. Here’s more info on managing your Google budget.

And…and…and so much more to swimming pool lead generation. No more hide-and-seek, and your tightrope balancing act is getting you to your destination. Now what? Here is a sprinkling of other possibilities to consider rounding out your full lead generation approach.

#3 Referrals and Reviews

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Potential customers can and should be able to read reviews about your business online, so review management is crucial for pool lead generation.

Customer referrals and 5-star reviews are great for bringing pool leads to your website or your showroom. We have a great program to do just that. You need to be on top of what people are saying about your business. Their opinions add credibility to your website and products. Keep a tight grip on the review process. Do you want to learn more about Online Review Management?

Look at other areas people review pools. Do you know what conversations are happening in your area? You can and you should. Are there forums to join, pool-related websites you can comment on, and websites looking for pool quotes? Is there a realtor or landscaper you can join forces with? Are there social media asking questions you can answer? These are all small pieces of the pool lead generation puzzle.

Get More Pool Lead Generation with The Get Smart Group

It is critical for your pool company to bring in a steady flow of fresh, qualified leads. Your growth and becoming or staying a leader in your industry depend on it. The Get Smart Group is your starting point and your guide through the world of optimal swimming pool lead generation. Contact us when you are ready to talk. We will show you how we can navigate the mystery for you and use our formula to increase pool lead generation while you spend your time doing what you do best…selling and building pools.

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