Three Simple Tips You Can Follow to Improve Your Linked In Networking Today

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Hello... Is it leads you're looking for?Open admission right up front – I didn’t write these tips – these valuable snippets that will help ANY BUSINESS OWNER who has ANY kind of business with finding more leads on Linked in.  This is not an exaggeration.

Yes, I myself am a marketing “expert” with my own consulting company for Business Owners but I’m still learning all the time too. (Gasp!) This past weekend I had the privilege to attend an incredibly valuable Marketing Automation & Sales conference for Law Firms – called “The Rainmaker Retreat” hosted by Legal Marketing Expert Stephen Fairley in Las Vegas.

Fortunately for any readers of this article – it turns out that not everything that happens in Vegas stays there.

Sometimes you marry a cute guy you met there at a business conference for lawyers (well, that’s what I did). And sometimes great ideas that are planted in your head turn into worm holes you can’t help but travel down and you must keep exploring until at some point matter collides with matter and a BLAMMO, a new universe is formed – Or at least you decide you must share what you have learned. Here is where I find myself today.

Yes – the article title said 3 tips, but again, why stop at 3 if there are 1o I can share? After all, the title “10 simple tips” sounds more time consuming and less motivating right…?

Stephen is one of the most organized and motivational educators I have encountered in my time working in the marketing field. As a marketing consultant who believes in measurable ROI – absolutely DEMANDS it for my clients and for my own business, I love what Stephen’s company is doing for the Legal Industry. Yes I endorse Stephen on Linked In.

These principals apply to ANY business or practice owner who is using Linked In now OR would like to be using Linked in for better networking, marketing and lead generation in their business. Read on and then take the steps he suggests. I started making these improvements 15 minutes into his talk on this topic – and by the end of the day I had 100 more profile views and connections on Linked In.

  1. Keyword load your title – Law firm marketing expert, legal marketing, business coach, best selling author, marketing expert for lawyers  YOU MUST HAVE A PHOTO / HEADSHOT 
  2. Fill out your work history and keyword load it – describe your business but focus primarily on: the kinds of clients you want to work with, the types of professionals you look to refer clients to and receive referrals from, success stories / case studies, Results you have achieved for your clients – linked in just added more options – be sure to fill it out completely!
  3. Connect with people you already know – CONNECT WITH YOUR LEADS ON LINKED IN – use this awesome tool to upload lists of your leads or referral partners easily  (link is case sensitive)
  4. Give recommendations & Then ask for them  (get at least 10 or more recommendations)
  5. Update your profile weekly – content from your blog, snippet from articles youve read, case study, new project you’re working on, a “win” you had for a client, a seminar you’re going to or giving, a networking event you’re attending
  6. Monitor who is looking at your profile each week – connect with those who are looking.
  7. Join groups for refarral sources and / or potential clients (2 million groups on linked in!, 8000 groups started weekly!, people who are active in groups get 4x as many profile views as other people).
  8. Consider starting a group for your target market or potential referral sources – this is a lot of work and must be updated each week to stay relevant.
  9. Connect Directly with potential referral sources – send a connection request, send an inbox message, see if they would be interested in meeting face to face
  10. Invite them to lunch! Don’t make lunch a pitch fest – listen and ask probing questions 80% of the time, talk about yourself 20% of the time.
  11. You can edit what you’ve been endorsed for – delete the ones you don’t have and add the ones you do.

TIP – if you use the linked in app on your smart phone, you don’t need someones email address to send them an email.

Do you WANT to do more in your business this year? Then follow this advice and “Make a decision to take action. Not making a decision is actually making a decision.”     Stephen Fairley

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